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Have you been injured at one point or another in your life and found yourself sitting in the emergency room for hours on end, wondering if you’ve gotten lost in the sea of coughs and other emergencies? The ER can be a difficult place to visit, with so many emergency cases that clutter the halls of your local emergency room it is hard to judge just how long you’ll have to wait once you enter the building. If you r pain is excruciating from a sprain or break and you have to sit in the waiting room for hours your comfort level is going to thin as quickly as can be. Perhaps what you should have done before you ever stepped foot into the emergency room was to go to your local urgent care center first. Maybe then the long hours that have spent inside the ER waiting for the more serious cases to die down wouldn’t have been a massive hurtle in your way.

An urgent care center can help you just as well if not ten times faster than an ER could help you. With 60% of urgent care clinic locations reporting that their wait times are typically less than 15 minuets, what do you think would be better for your and your health? Waiting for hours on end inside of a dirty and busy emergency room? Or getting everything taken care of quickly at an urgent care location.

Another part of urgent care that often gets overlooked when it comes to your emergences is the fact that are open hours that are convenient for you. On week days more of these centers are open until 7 pm while on weekends they stay open late until nine. While this isn’t as late as the ER, for more emergencies this means that you have the option of considering urgent care locations that are open late and can provide you with the assistance you need to be on your feet again in no time with a fraction of the wait time. With most of their doors open prior to nine am these locations should be what you need in order to feel better.

Not to mention, typically these sorts of urgent care locations are usually owned by a group of physicians or a single physician. Which means that instead of having a large corporation controlling what goes in and what comes out of these urgent care locations, the doctors are the front lines to the care that you receive. With a doctor being that close in charge with a location you know that you’re receiving the best care possible.

Next time you find yourself under the weather or hurt, consider making your first stop an Urgent Care location instead of putting yourself though the long hours and frustration that comes along with sitting in the emergency room. You’ll be in and out quicker than you realize and before long you’ll be back to resuming your typical busy day.