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Shape your breasts

Many people believe that 40 is the new 30. Your life doesn?t really begin until you reach 40 years of age. Although you may not feel like it, you still have many years of beauty and energy left. Cosmetic procedures are safer and more accepted than ever before. Don?t like something about your body? Why do you continue to worry about it? After all, you are 40 and it is time to live your life the way you want to and look the way you desire.

Tighten your skin

By age 40, you might notice that your skin is not as tight as it once was. This could perhaps, be the biggest sign of your age. People can guess that you are over 40 because your skin is loose around the facial area. Botox is a low risk cosmetic procedure that produces good results. It temporarily tightens the skin on the face, so that it appears younger looking. Additionally, Botox can help with a variety of medical conditions including excessive acne, hyperhidrosis, and hot flashes. Most Botox procedures can be completed in an outpatient setting, within a few minutes. Some people will even choose to use Botox products for a full facelift.

Breast lift procedures

By 40, it is also very possible that your breasts have begun to move downwards. This is especially the case if you had any children. It seems that childbirth makes the breasts larger and then causes them to move down. If you miss the breasts you had at 20, a breast lift procedure may be the perfect option for you. A breast lift procedure is also low risk and is very affordable. Of the 1.7 million cosmetic surgical procedures performed in 2015, the top 2 were breast augmentation (279,143 procedures, down 2% from 2014, up 31% from 2000) and liposuction (222,051 procedures, up 5% from 2014 but down 37% from 2000).

Breast reduction procedures

If you deal with larger breasts, you have probably struggled with the idea of a breast reduction. Society has an idea that large breasts are beautiful. However, they are not always comfortable. They can increase back and neck pain and can make it difficult to find comfortable clothing to wear. If you have always desired a breast reduction, but were afraid of what others would say, now is the perfect time to schedule it. Your 40?s should be about you and what makes you feel good. If you are tired of specially ordering bras only to receive a bra that is not comfortable, consider getting a cosmetic breast reduction. The price of a breast reduction varies based on a number of factors, but expect a price tag of at least $6,000. The procedure may be covered by your health insurance, however, if you have any health conditions related.

Invest in complementary clothing and undergarments

Your 20?s was likely composed of budgeting and attempting to learn how to adult. You were probably paying too much for a too small residence and shopping for clothing at budget and discount shops. By 40, most women have a disposable income that they can spend on better quality clothing items. You should no longer be purchasing your clothing from retailers that are known to produce low quality attire. High quality undergarments, including bras and underwear, are about much more than look. A good bra can make you feel confident with your body. A good bra can also increase the comfort of your clothing. Invest in a wardrobe that complements your body and its specific needs.

Although some women panic and fret when 40 hits, being 40 can actually be very advantageous. By 40, you have much of your life figured out, you have an increased income, and with advanced cosmetic procedures, you can still be happy with your body. In fact, women are choosing plastic surgery more than ever. For the first time on record, Americans spent more than 13.5 billion dollars on combined (surgical and nonsurgical) aesthetic procedures in a single calendar year, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). It is time to be truly happy with yourself and your body.