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The shipments are ready. The trucks are ready. The supplies are loaded.
With cartons of tubular elastic finger bandages, grates full of medical walkers, and packages full of medical medical cotton rolls, the trucks are ready to deliver many needed supplies to those who are recovering from the high winds and destructive rains of two of the most devastating hurricanes to ever make land in the U.S. With drivers who have volunteered their time and trucking companies who have offered the use of their trucks, these cartons of tubular elastic finger bandages will soon find their way to those who need them the most. From schools to nursing homes to private home owners, the need for medical supplies and many other items is great. And while the specific supplies needed are many, so are the drivers and trucks that are necessary to make sure that the supplies reach their needed destinations.
Are You Looking for a Supply of Medical Goods to Help You Run Your Business?
You do not have to be the victim of a hurricane to understand the importance of medical supplies. In fact, many industries rely on affordable access to everything from walkers to sterile rolled cotton and reusable underpads.

When the news about the deaths of nursing home residents after Hurricane Irma circulated, the nation was reminded of of the importance of not only medical supplies as well as communication when it comes to solving the problems that follow natural disasters.
Even in times that do not involve natural disasters, it is important to have access to the necessary medical supplies that help the number of patients who are often in need. From hospitals to nursing homes to the clinics and offices that care for those who stop by, consider some of the most needed and most used supplies:

  • 16.4% of people using walking aids prefer canes.
  • 11.6% of the elderlies using walking aids use prefer walkers.
  • 6% of elderlies require the assistance of wheelchairs.
  • 2.3% of people using walking aids use scooters.
  • 25% of all Americans have multiple chronic conditions.
  • 66% of older Americans have multiple chronic conditions.
  • The treatment of individuals in these two categories account for 66% of the country?s health care budget.
  • 81% of retirees cited good health as the most important ingredient for a happy retirement.

Having access to affordable medical supplies is essential. Whether you are the survivor of a hurricane or a resident in a hospital or a nursing home.