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Tattoo hair designs

Today, about a third of all men are bald or balding. Out of all those who have a little less to work with on their heads, an estimated 800,000 are currently seeking out professional treatment for their hair loss woes. There’s no shortage of options, either. From plugs to replacements to now even hair tattoos — yes, tattoos– the good news is you don’t have to be bald forever (if you don’t want to be).

But are these procedures safe? Are there any risks associated with, say, allowing a professional technician to effectively tattoo a permanent buzz-cut onto your scalp? If you’ve ever wondered exactly what these kinds of procedures entail, wonder no more. We’ve got the scoop on the leading scalp treatments right here.

Hair Plug Treatments

What are they? You’ve likely heard of organ transplants before. Plugs are basically hair transplants that move follicles from thicker patches on your scalp to thinning areas. Since hair tends to grow one at a time by itself or in groups of four, today’s leading hair restoration professionals can relocate these entire groupings in order to continue the healthy, natural growth of your hair.

Safety concerns? None, apart from a few potentially annoying side effects. You could experience some itchiness, which should be counteracted with shampoos and moisturizers in order to prevent you from picking at it. Additionally, you could see some swelling once the procedures have been completed, though medications can often help to reduce this. Always book follow-up appointments in order for your doctor to examine your scalp for infection or any bleeding that might result.

Hair Tattoo Baldness Remedies

What are they? If you think of your balding scalp as an empty canvass, a hair tattoo can be just the ink you need to make a colorful picture. Of course, it’s not real tattoo ink these technicians use, but a specially designed cosmetic alternative that’s engineered to mimic the jagged irregularities of real hair follicles for a more accurate look. Hair tattoo baldness treatments are available for a wide range of skin pigments and hair colors and typically require about three to five hours’ worth of work to complete.

Safety concerns? None yet, though as you age, your hair may begin to turn a much brighter and go gray, which may mix with the darker tattoo color and appear strange. Though, truth be told, hair tattoo treatments haven’t been around long enough to evaluate the long-term effects in detail.

No matter which hair restoration option you opt for — or even if you decide to get involved with a toupee — it’s always best to ask your doctor questions before committing to one procedure over another. When it comes to plugs, rugs or hair tattoo baldness remedies, what’s right for you isn’t always going to be right for the dude next to you. More like this: