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Nobody likes going to the dentist. However, sometimes we have no choice. You may have a cavity that is bugging you or some other issue that needs same day dental care. While you should still schedule regular checkups with your dentist, there are ways to avoid making additional trips to the dentist.

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In this video, you will learn how to prevent cavities.

The best way to prevent cavities is by brushing your teeth. You will need to brush, floss, and rinse daily. In fact, dentists will tell you to brush your teeth two times each day. Another thing you can do is drink tap water. This may seem like a strange recommendation. What does tap water have to do with preventing tooth decay. Well, in some areas of the country, fluoride is added to your tap water. By drinking tap water, you are actually adding a small layer of fluoride on your teeth. Fluoride will help protect your teeth from erosion from acid which causes cavities. You may also decide to use a fluoride rinse as well. This is an even better option than tap water. Use it daily before you go to bed.