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Congenital abnormalities of the ear

Nobody likes to be sick. It’s one of the most unpleasant experiences you will have in your life. It is even worse when you have to be sick constantly throughout the year. As such, allergies are no fun. It’s even worse however when you consider the fact that even children can get allergies. Your kids are small and fragile, so any kind of sickness (whether big or small) can be scary. As such, it’s better to be constantly aware of your child and watch for any signs. Knowing that your child is allergic to the changing seasons can help you know what to look for. To help you out, here is a list of some of those signs.

  1. The Nose
    First, you must be aware of your child’s nose. One of the most obvious signs that your child is allergic to the changing air may in fact be his or her nose. The treatments of of these signs could be anything from having your child blow his or her nose to having to look up hypernasal speech treatment. As scary as hypernasal speech treatment may sound however, just like with any other treatment, if the problem is found early enough the treatment can be light. So, before you have to worry about finding a fix for sinus infections or where you need to go for hypernasal speech treatment, you should ask your child about any nasal issues and get a checkup.
  2. The Ear
    Next, you’ll want to consider any ear trouble your child may be having. Yes that is right, you will need to check your child’s ear. And no, this doesn’t just focus on ear wax. In fact, many chronic ear problems can occur. One problem that is common is otitis media. Allergies can play a role in these infections due to the fluid buildup in the eardrum or any pressure that builds up in the ear. So again, its important to spot any change or problems that could happen with your child’s ear. Then, you should immediately seek help.
  3. The Throat
    It’s also important that you keep note of any changes in your child’s throat. You don’t want to get to the point that you have to worry about vocal cord paralysis or vocal cord surgery. As such, you should be watchful and listen out for any problems that can arise. One way that these problems can pop up is the increase of phlegm in your child’s throat. All of that mucus buildup can lead to cough, sore throats, and a husky voice. As such, listen out for any of these tell tale signs and make sure to be ready for when these signs do pop up in the future.
  4. Sleep
    In addition, allergies can even get in the way of proper sleep. There are many ways that this can happen. Part of it can be for the symptoms described earlier. Your child could have a scratch or mucus filled throat. This can then lead to your child having a bad night of sleep because he or she is coughing so much instead of actually sleeping. Or worse, your child could end up with a case of sleep disorder breathing. In addition, this can also cause situations such as snoring and sleep apnea. That lack of proper airflow can actually cause other, more serious, health issues.
  5. Eyes
    Lastly, you should also look out for any signs coming from your child’s eyes. Some examples of this could be things such as itchy eyes or discoloration. If your child’s eyes turn reddish from tearing or burning, you might have an issue on your hands. A lot of the time we don’t consider these issues to be in fact issues. We will worry about the nasal stuff, the throat stuff, but we won’t think about fixing the problems iwth our children’s eyes. Well now you know that you not only should, but you must.

You love your child, that is obvious. And you want to take care of him or her. So before you have to worry about something like hypernasal speech treatment, look for the signs and seek help if you ever find any.