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People visit doctors for a variety of reasons, from tb testing to cancer, and most know it can be difficult to find the right doctor. Whether you visit a medical clinic for an annual physical or if you seek medical help for more serious symptoms, it is important that the doctor you visit inspires trust, establishes rapport, and skilled in his field. In other words, you want a good doctor. But how can you tell if a doctor is good without extensive experience with them? Here are four ways to assess whether your doctor is good

  1. Board Certification: Knowledge and skill and the most important qualities for a doctor, and certification is an important indicator. To become certified, a doctor must receive their medical degree in a recognized medical school, complete as many as seven years residency, obtain a license by their state medical board, and pass at least one exam administered by the certification board. They must also engage in continuing education.
  2. Legal and Disciplinary Action: Take the time to perform a little digging online to discover any malpractice claims or disciplinary actions against the doctor in question. One or two of these should not alarm you, but an extensive list is a clue that something is awry with a medical practitioner.
  3. Drug Representatives: It will likely not be the first thing that pops into your mind when deciding about a doctor, but it should be. Doctors who allow drug reps in their offices are often swayed to prescribe certain drugs by offerings of weekly catered food, even if those medications are not the most effective or least expensive options. Even if you simply went to the doctor for tb testing or some other reason that does not require prescriptions, drug reps absorb a great deal of a doctor’s time, leading to longer waits for patients. A good doctor cares for the patients in the waiting room more than a pricey lunch.
  4. Watch the Staff: The staff in a doctor’s office, from the receptionist to the nurses, are an important part of your health care. They will answer your phone calls, check your vitals, and answer your questions every time you interact with your doctor’s office. Furthermore, a happy, friendly, effective staff is demonstrative of an effective doctor. Nursing staff are particularly useful when deciding about your doctor. Nurses know the good doctors and are generally not overtly happy working for a doctor they do not respect.

Whether you need tb testing or a cancer screening, a good doctor is central to effective health care delivery. With these four techniques, you can visit your doctor with greater confidence in their ability to take care of the health of you and your family.