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Urgent care facilities are relatively new to the healthcare sector and become increasingly popular over the years. This kind of health center offers a wide range of medical services and handles an array of non-emergent health conditions. Besides, they also provide vaccinations and diagnostic services.

The principle behind urgent care clinics is to ensure quality and convenient healthcare services. It’s a medical care structure designed to fit your busy life schedule and the desire to be healthy. The following are some of the main urgent care services.

1.Common Illness
Urgent care clinics are well known for offering treatment of common, non-emergent illnesses and injuries such as cuts, burns, colds, flues, infections, allergic reaction and more. While most of these conditions are considered non-life threatening, it’s important to seek immediate care in case you develop clear symptoms.

2.Sprains and Fructures
Muscle sprain and strains are one of the most common types of injuries treated in urgent care centers. Sports-related injuries, in particular, are painful and can be career threatening if not addressed promptly. Majority of this clinics also offer fracture diagnosis and treatment for both children and adults. It’s estimated that out of five urgent care clinics, four of them provide fracture treatment.

3.Diagnostics and Lab Services
To ensure quality and proper treatment, most urgent care clinics also provide a range of lab services. And most of these services are similar to what is being offered in an emergency room or through a primary care physician. Lab services you can expect include blood tests, CAT scans, and x-ray services.

4.Preventative Healthcare
In addition to lab services and treatment of common illnesses, urgent care centers also help patients with disease prevention, early treatment and rehabilitation. Some of these routine preventative measures offered by urgent care centers include vaccinations, shots, screening tests, stress management, physical activities and proper nutrition.

5.Random Checkup
In case you begin to experience weird symptoms and you don’t know exactly what is wrong, a trip to your local urgent care clinic will be a good idea. Symptoms that may warrant urgent care include but not limited to rash, sore throat, diarrhea, headaches, wheezing and swollen glands.

However, keep in mind that urgent care clinics are not equipped to handle emergency cases such abdominal and back pain, shortness of breath and chest pains. In case you have a life-threatening condition, seek emergency room services as soon as possible or call 911.