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Chiropractor wilmington ma

We are all familiar with whiplash injuries caused when a person’s torso is tossed around in a car accident. Chiropractor watertown ma knows that even when buckled into your seat with a head rest behind you, getting slammed in a car crash can have your head, neck and spine suddenly moving in different directions.

Many people find that chiropractic care is effective in relieving whiplash pain. Chiropractic Watertown MA also often addresses headaches and neck issues. A systematic review of chiropractic care 2012 concluded that chiropractic practices of spine manipulation are cost effective in clinical practice when used in combination with other treatments. Often, when someone has lower back pain, the treatment a chiropractor can provide is the most effective.

Chiropractic as a discipline was founded in 1895 by David Palmer in Davenport, IA. He believed he could cure many maladies by getting the spine aligned properly. Today there are several schools of chiropractic treatments and many practitioners, especially in a family chiropractic setting, will use several techniques to individualize care. Chiropractor Watertown MA specializes in understanding and treating whiplash injuries using a variety of sound approaches.

In a chiropractor Watertown MA office, you will find not only a chiropractor who can attend to your whiplash injuries, but someone who can provide exercise details, suggest topical preparations and lifestyle suggestions to speed your recovery.

If you are looking for a chiropractor Boston area, consider chiropractor Watertown MA in your search.