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It’s difficult not being satisfied with your body. This can affect your ability to feel confident dating, buying clothes or just going out with friends. Because of this many industries have cropped up in an attempt to provide people with the treatments they need for what ails them, from coolsculpting to over-the-counter serums. Which one works for you, though? You can find this out by continuing below, with some of the most common treatment methods and resources explained in detail to get you started on the right track to a happier and more beautiful you.


Believe it or not, botox isn’t just a solution only available for rich celebrities and fashion models. It’s a medical procedure that’s used to reverse many different skin conditions brought by aging and illness, such as sagging, wrinkles, unevenness and discoloration. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgey (also known as ASAPS) is the leading organization for aesthetic plastic surgery, with recently released data showing non-surgical fat reduction procedures rising a stunning 40% in 2014. More than 100,000 of these procedures were peformed just a year ago. Over 80% of patients will see an improvement after just a week of botox treatment. Ultherapy is a similar procedure that enjoys worldwide usage, administered to over 500,000 people around the world. You can return to your regular everyday life within a mere hour of receiving this treatment.


Similar to botox but with a few key differences, coolsculpting is used to help people lose weight and trim their figure to the specifications they desire. The process involves using both suction and cooling plates to freeze the body’s fat cells — as much as 25% of the fat cells in the specified areas are destroyed during each coolsculpting treatment. According to a recent survey three out of five people are bothered by sagging skin, with the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery showing 75% of respondents considering a cosmetic procedure to either tighten or smooth their skin. More than two in three adults are considered to be overweight in the United States.


Last, but not least, we have the effects of reduced hormonal patterns. If you’re a woman nearing middle-age, you may start developing symptoms of menopause — this generally shows up in women between the ages of 45 and 55. Menopause can be narrowed down for its very unique side-effects, such as hot flashes, irritated bowel movements and highly inconsistent or non-existent menstrual cycles. This is due to the fluctuation of hormones in your body brought on by age, which can cause frustrating physical and emotional side-effects if not properly treated. Hormone replacement therapy is a useful and effective way of tackling this problem from the ground up and creating healthier individuals.

Choosing The Right Treatment For You

Whether it’s trimming your waistline to fit into your favorite dress or visiting the doctor to see if you have a hormonal imbalance, you’ll never have to fear for a shortage of options. Botox is the perfect solution for people fighting against wrinkles and sagging, while coolsculpting can be that final step you need to lose stubborn weight after exercising and dieting. If you’re starting to experience symptoms of menopause you can visit a hormonal therapy clinic to see if you qualify for estrogen or testosterone treatment, with plenty of anti aging clinics around the country to assist with additional problems of skincare. The sky’s the limit for improving your quality of life — which type of home health care method will you choose?