Health and Fitness Tips

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One major health problem that affects many in the United States is obesity. A recent study found that health problems related to obesity are the second leading cause of death that could have otherwise been prevented. Many who want to live healthier lives undergo gastric bypass procedures in order to help win the fight against obesity. In fact, the average patient that undergoes a gastric sleeve procedure often loses nearly 75% of their excess weight. However, you’ll often need to begin a medical weight loss program before gastric bypass surgery is an option. Considering that, here are six essential healthy foods to consume while trying to lose weight.

  1. Spinach

    Legendary cartoon character Popeye wasn’t necessarily wrong about his favorite vegetable. While this food won’t necessarily give you bulking muscles, it is great for helping you to lose more weight. A recent study from Sweden found that Spinach contains thylakoids which are able to help curb food cravings by up to 95%. Considering that, it’s wise to ensure that spinach is somewhere on your grocery list while attempting to lose excess weight.

  2. Peppers

    It is often said that variety is the spice of life. While that might be true, peppers can also help add spice to many dishes you’ll be consuming on a diet. That being said, peppers have other benefits including boosting your metabolism. Your metabolism plays an important part in how your weight changes over time. For instance, someone with a high metabolism has an easier time losing excess weight while someone with a slower metabolic rate will often struggles to complete this goal.

  3. Carrots

    While dieting, it’s understandable to have snack cravings. These cravings are often the key to the undoing of a diet, especially in its early stages. With that in mind, it’s important to have healthy foods ready for when snack urges hit. Considering that, carrots are a great snack that can help curb those snack time cravings.

  4. Chicken

    A staple of many healthy foods is that they cause you to feel full. Many unhealthy foods are filled with empty calories. In turn, you’re continually eating and this is where weight gain begins to take place. Those looking to manage a healthy weight should opt for baked over fried fowl. In addition, chicken consumption is often part of a healthy lifestyle for those who exercise. The protein contained in chicken allows you to build muscle faster than normal.

  5. Apples

    While dieting, you’re likely going to have a craving for something sweet. Considering that, it’s wise to reach for an apple while fighting off the urge for a sweet snack. An apple is only about 100 calories and contains numerous vitamins and minerals. In addition, the apple is a versatile food which means it pairs well with many other healthy foods.

  6. Chocolate

    For many, an apple is not going to be able to stop the craving for a sweet treat. With that in mind, you might be surprised to know that moderate chocolate consumption is usually safe while trying to lose weight. That being said, it’s best to ensure you’re sticking with dark chocolate. In addition, you’ll only want to consume this food in small amounts. A recent study found that dieters consuming small amounts of dark chocolate were able to stave off cravings better than those who completely avoided this food.

To summarize, there are several foods that are healthy to consume while trying to lose weight. Eating these foods can be a rewarding part of a healthy lifestyle. A study published in 2016 by Mintel Diet Trends found that 70% of those surveyed felt that having a support system helps in achieving diet goals. Considering the skills you’re likely to learn while preparing meals involving these foods, you might want to have family over for a dinner. This will ensure that family gets to delight in your cooking and the progress you’re continuing to make in your weight loss journey.