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Throughout their lives, almost everyone has to deal with being injured. Considering that, injuries can result from a wide number of activities. In addition, these injuries can range from slightly discomforting to incredibly painful. It’s understandable to wonder when should you go to urgent care for an injury? With that in mind, here are four common types of injuries treatable at urgent care centers.

    • Whiplash

      It makes sense to wonder when should you go to urgent care after a minor car accident? With that in mind, an unfortunate aspect of being in an automobile crash is dealing with whiplash. This injury commonly occurs when the neck is suddenly pushed in one direction. Whiplash commonly happens after a car crash due to impact causing the neck to whip forward. While not often a major cause of concern, it’s understandable to want a professional opinion while suffering from the painful condition known as whiplash. You’ll especially want to visit an urgent care facility if your neck pain continues to linger for long amounts of time.


    • Mild Burns

      Whether from fire or extremely hot liquids, burns can happen from a wide variety of situations. Considering that, it makes sense to ask when should you go to urgent care for burns? You’ll want to know that treatment for burns isn’t only utilized to prevent scarring or reduce pain. If a burn begins to blister, it’s time to consider going to urgent care. Blisters increase the risk of a potential bacteria infection taking place. Therefore, visiting one of these facilities allows a professional to look at and treat your burn properly.


    • Fractures

      One of the most common types of injuries treated at an urgent care center is a fracture. In fact, statistics show that nearly 80% of urgent care facilities are able to provide fracture care to their patients. Many patients visit these facilities in order to obtain relatively fast treatment. In fact, statistics show that nearly 60% of all urgent care locations have a wait time that is less than 15 minutes in order to be seen. Therefore, visiting an urgent care location is likely to provide with a reasonably short wait time in order to have your ankle taken care of.


  • Sprained Ankle

    Another commonly treated injury within an urgent care location is a sprained ankle. This injury occurs when ligaments near the ankle to become either torn or stretched too far. While you might immediately think that this needs to be treated in an emergency room, that isn’t true. In fact, research gathered from Milliman reports that anywhere between 44-65% of all emergency situations could have easily been treated within an urgent care facility.

In conclusion, there are many types of injuries that can be diagnosed and treated within an urgent care facility. It’s completely understandable to think that some or all of the previously mentioned situations should be taken care of by emergency services. However, you’ll likely be relieved to know that all of these problems can be taken care of at most urgent care locations. While injuries are often a part of life, this doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through dealing with them. It’s wise to skip the emergency room and seek care from an urgent care center when dealing with life’s minor injuries.