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Reasons for excessive sweating

The hot, summer months can be very hard on people who deal with excessive sweating armpits. Despite putting on many layers of deodorant, you still sweat through your clothing. You worry about smelling and about others noticing the large wet spots underneath your arms. You are not alone. Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, affects about 3% of the world?s population. It is a genetic disease and fortunately, there are methods to prevent or reduce it.

See a physician
It may have never occurred to you to see a physician regarding your sweating. However, hyperhidrosis is a medical disease. It is caused by an over production of the sweat glands. Your physician can run a series of tests to rule out any other medical possibilities. They can also provide medications that can reduce the amount of sweat glands that your body produces. Minimally, they can provide you with an official diagnosis for this problem that you have likely dealt with for much of your life.

Shower often
Showering will not necessarily reduce the amount that you sweat, but it can make you feel better. It can also help you control your body temperature. If you are sitting around the house and begin to feel extremely hot, jump in for a quick shower. If you have been wondering how to make your armpits stop sweating, this is one of the best ways to immediately stop it. The 8 million Americans with hyperhidrosis sweat four to five times as much as the average individual. A cold shower can give you breaks throughout the day.

Use a prescription strength antiperspirant
Taking a cold shower may feel nice, but it may not always be an option for sweat outbursts. Using a prescription strength antiperspirant can reduce the amount of sweat that soaks through your clothing. Although it does not stop your body from sweating, it does act as a barrier to the sweat. In many ways, prescription strength antiperspirant works the same as regular deodorant, however, it is able to keep up with sweat from hyperhidrosis. Prescription antiperspirant for sweating is one of the best ways to prevent visual sweating from occurring frequently.

Apply antiperspirant frequently
One person may apply deodorant the first thing in the morning and be covered throughout the entire day. However, you may find that applying deodorant, even prescription strength antiperspirant once a day is simply not enough. For effective excessive underarm sweating treatment, you will want to apply multiple times throughout the day. You will have a better chance at controlling the hyperhidrosis. Carry a stick of the prescription antiperspirant to apply at lunch, after work, and before or after any workout routines.

Wear multiple layers
If you are still embarrassed by your excessive sweating, wearing multiple layers can help to reduce the sweat that makes it through. However, remember that additional layers can also make you feel hotter, and thus, cause you to sweat even more. If you insist on wearing multiple layers, consider wearing light weight and cotton layers. Cotton tends to be more breathable and will give you the air you need to cool down. Even purchasing clothing that has sweat wicking material under the arm can help you prevent underarm sweat.

Many people deal with excessive sweating. This is also medically known as hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis affects people both medically and emotionally. The overwhelming majority (90%) of hyperhidrosis patients report that the condition affects their emotional state. In fact, in one survey, most patients reported feeling less confident as a result of their condition. Although there is no cure for hyperhidrosis, there are methods available to reduce the amount of sweating, including taking cool shower frequently, seeking medical advice, wearing layers of sweat wicking materials, and using prescription strength antiperspirant frequently. It is also important to remember that you are not alone. Many people, all over the world, also deal with excessive underarm sweating.