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The cosmetic industry and med spas use various types of aesthetic equipment for different purposes. All the new and pre-owned laser machines used by these businesses will vary in price, but one thing remains constant: the fact that all laser machines are relatively costly. You might spend $100,000 or more for new aesthetic equipment for sale, which can be a hindrance for many organizations. But the market trend doesn’t dictate that you have to incur high expenses in acquiring a laser machine for your venture. Instead, you may opt to buy pre-owned laser machines at an affordable price.

When seeking to expand your service portfolio, you have to invest in some minimally invasive laser devices for your cosmetic surgery or med spa venture. Some people may prefer new laser devices because they have a warranty for several years. On the other hand, some may prefer pre-owned aesthetic equipment for sale because they’ve been tested and tried. If you’re a practitioner in a dilemma on this issue, here are some considerations to make when seeking to acquire aesthetic equipment for sale.

1. New or pre-owned used aesthetic lasers

If you’re an upcoming med spa doctor or cosmetic surgeon with minimal finances to start a new venture, you should typically go for pre-owned aesthetic lasers. These devices will lower your startup costs. What’s more, these devices are known to be in good working order, and you will be sure that they will serve your purposes.

These devices are often acquired from businesses that seek to upgrade their equipment or are closing down for various reasons. The savings that you can make by purchasing such a machine can be 70% or more based on their original retailing price when they are new. This choice is an ideal alternative considering the high cost of acquiring new laser machines.

2. Return on investment from used cosmetic laser devices

How fast do you expect the machine to pay off the expenses of acquiring it? You will need to consider the price and market demand for the services offered by the laser machine. You should also consider the possibility of the machine earning enough money to recoup your investment in buying it.

If the demand for services offered by the laser machine is low and securing a business loan is costly, then the purchase of a secondhand laser machine is the perfect choice. You wouldn’t want to buy a new machine that will only serve a few patients and earn little income that can’t finance the loan acquired to purchase it. In essence, it’s best to buy new or pre-owned laser devices when those services are in high demand.

3. Expected performance of the aesthetic equipment

The market holds much aesthetic equipment for sale from different manufacturers, and most of these producers sell competing products. Therefore, when choosing the unit to buy, you have to determine the kind of model or unit to purchase. The most important consideration that you should think about is the type of services which you wish to add to your practice. It’s always advisable to buy a laser machine that can do many kinds of treatments. For instance, a laser machine that can do acne treatment, skin tightening, and hair removal is worth more than a laser machine that performs a single task.

A laser machine that can change hand-pieces and perform more than one cosmetic treatment is more profitable than one that does a single form of service. You’ll also consider other efficiency-based factors. For instance, how many people can the machine serve in a day? Or how much power does it consume? Ideally, a therapeutic laser device uses an average of 6-10 watts of electric energy to provide services. But is this efficient? And if so, how does it compare to new laser devices?

The Bottom Line

Used laser machines are affordable and can help new practitioners to set up a venture without using too much capital. But you have to be cautious when buying pre-owned laser machines. You have to check their working conditions, ROI, service demand, and a horde of many other factors before making the purchase decision to avoid potential future losses. Make sure to purchase from a reputable provider, regardless of whether your equipment is pre-owned or brand new.