Are You in Charge of Ordering Medical Supplies for the Medical Office Where You Work?

Tracheostomy stoma cover

The shipments are ready. The trucks are ready. The supplies are loaded.
With cartons of tubular elastic finger bandages, grates full of medical walkers, and packages full of medical medical cotton rolls, the trucks are ready to deliver many needed supplies to those who are recovering from the high winds and destructive rains of two of the most devastating hurricanes to ever make land in the U.S. With drivers who have volunteered their time and trucking companies who have offer Continue reading

You May Have Gray Hair, But Your Inner Child Can Still Be Strong!

Certagen liquid

Growing older can be a difficult thing to come to terms with. One would think that in all of the thousands of years that humans have roamed the planet, we would have reached a point where we were more at peace with the aging process than we currently are. There are certainly cultures that handle aging much differently than the society within the United States does. In this country, the obsession with celebrity, youth, beauty, physical appearance, and status all weigh heavily against the peaceful acceptance of aging.

Coming to terms with health issues

The human body is not built to last forever. While science, medicine, and technology are constantly evolving and advancing in attempts to extend our lives and good health, we have not reached that magical age everyone fantasizes Continue reading