How to Better Recover from Pancreas Surgery


Whenever you have any kind of surgery, it takes time to recover. Getting over pancreas surgery is no different. The typical recovery time is about two months but everyone is different and every situation is unique. You may know people who have had the same procedure and they have a different recovery timeline. The bottom line is that you can use other people’s experience as a guide but do not be upset with yourself if your recovery timeline is different.

How long will I be in the hospital?

Most people who undergo pancreas surgery will remain in the hospital between three and ten days after the procedure. A lot of the depend on the methods used for the sur Continue reading

Increasing Your Chances of Conception With IVF

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Infertility is a common, yet under discussed problem that many women deal with. Women who are ready to start a family, yet are unable to conceive often experience feelings of regret, anger and guilt. They may blame the infertility completely on themselves. They may regret that they did not attempt to start a family earlier on. They may feel angry that their partner does not seem to care as much. Infertility can leave a woman with a lot of emotions and questions. Fortunately in today?s world, there are options to increase levels of infertility and raise the chances of conceiving a child.

Today?s generation includes women who are more focused on their careers. Women are waiting longer to get married and start their families. The older a woman gets, the less chance she has of conception. A couple aged 29 Continue reading

What Types of Weight Loss Surgery Are Best for Me?

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Are you tired of looking into the different types of weight loss surgery and ready to just find the right one for you? Like many other people who battle with their weight, you might find yourself in over your head with the options you have and, ultimately, wind up doing nothing because it was all too overwhelming for you. This is important because you want to make sure that you are achieving success with most of your weight loss. So it?s look into what options you do have and which ones are best for you and your weight loss success.

Is Bariatrics Surgery an Option?

Let?s take a look into bariatrics surgery to see if this might be the ideal option for you. When looking into the types of weight loss surgery you will notice this one often.

Lap band surge Continue reading

Are You Tired of Dealing with Obesity?

Bariatric surgery side effects

Avocado and Tuna Salad Wrap

  • 1 medium avocado, 288 calories
  • lemon wedge, 5 calories
  • canned white tuna, 100 calories
  • 1 stalk celery, 5 calories
  • 1 tbsp. mayonaise, 45 calories
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 tortillas, 120 calories
  • 2 lettuce leafs, 26 calories

Serves: 2
Calories: 316 per serving
The recipe sounds delicious and is very healthy. When you walked downstairs and saw the detailed counting of the calories, however, your concern mounted. Although this is the kind of recipe you should be making for lunch, instead this is what your 109 pound daughter made for herself. After she lost nearly 20 pounds this summer, you feel the need to watch that she does not lose any more.
Alth Continue reading

Worried About Ear, Throat And Nose Problems In Your Child? Here Are Some Tips On Staying Healthy

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Spring is gone and summer is starting to fade away. That means the crisp and much beloved seasons of autumn and winter are just around the corner. While everybody has plenty of holidays and good times ahead, there’s always the omnipresent concern of spreadable illness — the phrase of the day is ‘ear nose and throat problems in children and adolescents!’ Although adults are often privy to the methods of reducing the chance of common colds and flus, children are much more susceptible to bad habits when around their peers. If your child is starting to have breathing difficulties or is struggling with hearing loss, they may just have an ear or throat issue! Below Continue reading

Botox, Coolsculpting And Hormonal Therapy Which Treatment Method Is Right For Me?

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It’s difficult not being satisfied with your body. This can affect your ability to feel confident dating, buying clothes or just going out with friends. Because of this many industries have cropped up in an attempt to provide people with the treatments they need for what ails them, from coolsculpting to over-the-counter serums. Which one works for you, though? You can find this out by continuing below, with some of the most common treatment methods and resources explained in detail to get you started on the right track to a happier and more beautiful you.


Believe it or not, botox isn’t just a solution only available for rich celebrities and fashion models. It’s a medical procedure that’s used to reverse many different skin conditions brought by aging and illn Continue reading

Injured After Office Hours, What Are Your Treatment Options?

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Have you ever experienced an injury after your physician?s office hours? A lot of thoughts probably went through your head, as you considered how to handle it. If you are in a lot of pain, you probably considered going to the local emergency room. However, your injury is not quite an emergency and you do not want to pay the high costs of the hospital.
You also do not want to fill up the emergency room, taking time away from those who really need it. Your regular physician?s office is closed though and you cannot wait until they reopen. What are your options? Fortunately urgent care centers have stepped in and filled this void. They are the perfect mix between a primary care physician?s office and the emergency department at your local hospital. They have extended hours, and are staffed with Continue reading

The Common ENT Problems in Young Children

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Ear, nose and throat problems are pretty common among young children. There are a variety of reasons for this commonality. Children?s ears, nose and throat are not yet fully developed. They are a smaller version of what they will be, making things like ear drainage more difficult. Some children may have ear, nose and throat problems from genetics or from poor nutrition during gestation. Also, a child?s diet may affect their ENT. Although some problems are common in young children, frequent ENT problems should be evaluated by a medical professional. Frequent ENT problems can lead to things like hearing loss or other types of permanent damage.

Five out of six children (83%) will have at least one ear infection by their third birthday. Usually, a single ear infection is not a cause for concern. The child Continue reading

Commonly Asked Questions About Mammograms

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Getting a mammogram is something that far more women should do. Not enough women get the diagnostic imaging done regularly enough. It’s amazing what a simple extremity MRI can catch. If you are one of those women that are uniformed regarding MRI scans and mammograms, then here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

What is a mammogram?
This is the first thing that you should understand. Continue reading

4 Ways to Know it’s Time for a Nursing Home

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No one looks forward to having to move their parents into a nursing home nor long or short-term care services. But sometimes, it really is for the best. If your parent or loved one is losing an alarming amount of weight or is getting to the point where they can never been left alone or they are becoming quite depressed or to forgetful, it may time to put their needs before you feelings. Their quality of life and comfort should be your number one priority when caring for your elderly loved one. Here are a few ways that you can tell if your loved one would better benefit from either long or short-term care services.

If They are Undergoi Continue reading