Walk Out of Low Back Pain and Into Health

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When your back hurts, it can feel as if everything hurts. Moving becomes difficult, if not impossible. Accomplishing even the most basic of daily activities can be a feat of pain endurance. The daily lives of nearly 70% of Americans are affected by low back pain. Of those, four out of every ten sufferers will try exercise to alleviate the pain instead of visiting a doctor or physical therapist.

Exercise can be an effective strategy to helping reduce your lower back pain. Studies have found that aerobic exercise is not only essential to overall health, but can also aid in alleviating lower back pain. The trouble is, for many back pain sufferers, most forms of aerobic exercise are too painful to complete. In such cases, taking a walk can be the best course of action.

How to walk out of low Continue reading

Sit Comfortably All Day in an Infinitely Adjustable Wheelchair

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If you or a loved one requires long-term care or has mobility issues requiring a geri or bariatric wheelchair, you already know the importance of this type of medical equipment. If you work in a long-term care facility, you also are familiar with the various types of chairs commonly found there. Comfort for the patient is the most important, followed closely by the ease of use for the care giver. When handling many patients a day, it’s easy to see why some chairs are preferred.
When mobility becomes difficult and long-term sitting and care is required, it’s increasingly important to consider the type of chair that patients will be Continue reading

Finding Elder Care For Alzheimer’s Patients

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It is an unfortunate fact of life that our parents — the people who once cared for us — will eventually, most likely, need care as well. It’s not at all unusual for senior citizens to need extra care. In this day and age, people are living longer than other — but living longer doesn’t mean that your health is sustained for a longer period of time. Senior citizens experience a natural deterioration in health; but that does not mean that their quality of life has to deteriorate as well. Where it was once commonplace to choose assisted living facilities for senior citizens to reside within, in this day and age in home care has become the more preferred form of elder care services for several different reasons. The risks of choosing assisted living facilities have been well-covered in the media recently. Fur Continue reading

The Latest Rap Beef Who Gets Botox?

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The rap beef between 50 Cent and Diddy, AKA Puff Daddy, AKA Sean Combs, is a lot like Stonehenge: older than time itself, though no one really understands how it got there in the first place.

It’s no surprise, then, that 50 Cent utilized a public platform while at DJ Drama’s Quality Street Music 2 album release party to address his longtime nemesis with a new round of accusations.

“Puffy old as a motherf***a,” he said, “that motherf***a like 47. He?s getting that botox sh*t in his face.”

In reality, Diddy is only 46, but it’s true that the average Botox patient in the U.S. is between 40 and 59. Fif apparently wasn’t just making cracks about Diddy’s a Continue reading

Four Ways to Make Your Transition to Wearing Hearing Aids Go Smoothly

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Do you struggle to hold a normal conversation because it’s too hard to understand what other people are saying to you? Do you have to keep your television volume extremely loud in order to follow the plot? When you are in an area with too much background noise, does all of the noise blend together like a giant blob of sound? If this describes you, scheduling a visit with a hearing consultant to discuss possible hearing loss might be a good idea.

Living with hearing loss can cause a serious interruption to your quality of life. Thankfully, hearing equipment and assistive listening devices have progressed to significantly improve the ability lead a normal life for people with hearing loss. If you believe y Continue reading

This New Technology Helps You Reach More Patients

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At the intersection of technology and medicine lies an exciting new development — the use of telehealth software in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health issues. These telemedicine trends indicate a growing need for telehealth software for both patients and healthcare providers. In fact, an anticipated 7 million individuals will be using telemedicine solutions by 2018, up from only 350,000 in 2013. This expected growth can be attributed to the amazing benefits of integrating telehealth software into the field of mental health!

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How to Make Your Lawn Safe For Your Pets

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Now that summer is here, everyone is spending more time outside. And this includes our pets too! Since our pets are our best friends it is crucial to ensure you go to any lengths possible to keep them safe, and this includes your lawn. Here is an overview on what to do in order to keep your lawn pet friendly this summer.

Before you make any changes, it is important to realize why pets leave your yard in the first place. There are a few reasons including:

  • They feel like they are in immediate danger.
  • Bad weather. If you do not like thunderstorms, your dog probably does not either! Make sure they are inside if the weather report is calling for some storms.
  • They are not spayed or neutered and they are looking for a mate.
  • They are Continue reading

FAQ About Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

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Cleft palate and cleft lip are facial and oral abnormalities that occur while the child is still developing in the womb. Clefting occurs when there is not sufficient tissue in the mouth or lip, causing the tissue that is there to fail to join together properly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleft Lip and Palate

  1. What do a cleft lip and cleft palate look like?
    A cleft lip is a split between the two sides of the upper lip. It appears as a narrow gap in the skin. The separation sometimes extends beyond the base of the nose and involves the bones of the upper jaw or gum. A cleft palate is an opening in the roof of the mouth. It can include the hard palate and/or the soft palate. Because the lip and palate develop separately from one another, a Continue reading

Understanding Colic Its Signs, Symptoms and Remedies

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Parenthood comes with a great many joys and a great many anxieties. When things are going well, nothing can be better than watching your baby learn and grow. Unfortunately, crying is a natural part of a baby’s development. In the first few months, even healthy babies will cry often. When that crying becomes persistent and prolonged, on the other hand, it may be a sing your baby is suffering from colic.

Recognizing the signs

It’s natural for babies to cry more in their first three months than any other point in their lives. As such, it can be hard to tell the difference between normal crying behavior and colic. Colic usually begins a few weeks after birth. It will Continue reading