Health and Fitness Tips

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Coffee benefits health and well-being in many ways. You don’t have to buy the best imported coffee beans or spend your life in coffee shops to find the best coffee for the money.

1. Relaxation

Coffee drinking gives you time to center yourself.

2. Energizing

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system no matter which of the 2 main types of coffee beans you use, Arabica or Robusto.

3. Improving memory

Drinking coffee after studying improved long term memory up to 24 hours.

4. Weight loss

Coffee helps suppress appetite.

5. Staying warm

Your cup of coffee does not have to be piping hot to warm you. Even cold coffee will convert fat to energy.

6. Brain function

Coffee drinking lowers the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinsonism.

7. Less skin cancer.

Three cups of coffee per day reduces basal cell skin cancer risk in women.

8. Prevent kidney stones

A study of more than 217,000 participants showed a 26 to 31 percent risk reduction.

9. Physical performance

Caffeine improves athletic performance by speeding fat cell breakdown into energy.

10. Sociability

Drink coffee together in your next Zoom meeting or FaceTime session if you miss connecting with family and friends.

Daily health tip

Have you been trying to get healthier and more in shape? When you are healthier you feel better, live longer, and have less daily stress overall. There are many ways we can enhance our everyday health habits. Sadly, many people lack even the basics. 31 million Americans, for example, skip breakfast every day. People who eat in the morning, however, are more alert, manage their weight better, and have improved metabolisms. To help you stay on top of the latest health fitness tips, we have looked through the latest news articles for research about healthy living. Here are the three most interesting updates that we found.

1. There are Many Reasons you Should be Drinking Coffee

In an article posted to Fox News, Doctor Cynthia Sass explains that, from a nutritional standpoint, coffee is a great addition to your morning routine. What are the benefits? Coffee can lower the risk of diabetes, contains antioxidants, is tied to lower rates of diseases like liver cirrhosis, can enhance athletic performance, and can offset the effects of aging. She cautions, though, that there are cons to the drink as well. Some people get headaches and upset stomaches, and coffee might increase the risk of cholesterol. The overall health fitness tips takeaway? Moderation is key.

2. Wine for Healthy Living

Could wine be a part of health and fitness tips for women? The latest research indicates that drinking one or two glasses of wine every day has positive healthy benefits for the majority of people. Moderate consumption can help keep away problems like diabetes, dementia, strokes and heart disease. One thing to note, however, is that adverse effects of alcohol stem from binge and heavy drinking. Moderate intake is necessary for people who want to experience the positive effects.

3. Self Monitoring is Changing Fitness

An article in Medical News Today reports that technology has allowed us to self track our fitness and health with more precision than ever before. Mobile apps and wearable sensors are standard. In fact, 70% of U.S. adults report that they track at least one health indicator. The author recommends that, in order for devices to be helpful in the long term, you need to set realistic and achievable goals, pick the right device after careful research, celebrate achievements and identify patterns in your behavior.

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