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Carbon saddle rails

For a number of reasons, the sport of bicycling is growing in popularity. It’s great exercise, it’s an ecofriendly way to travel, and you get to see some beautiful scenery. Worldwide, there are twice as many bikes as there are cars, and many amazing routes to take. To get the maximum enjoyment and health benefits from your biking activities, comfort is important, especially when it comes to the relieving pain and pressure in the perineal area. Bicycle saddles, such as c series bike seats and x series bike seats should be suited for the purpose of the trip.

The growing popularity of bicycling
The popularity of biking, for exercise, for practical purposes, and to help the environment, has grown around the country and around the world. In the U.S. alone, the number of bicycle commuters has increased by 46%. For people who are environmentally conscious as well as health conscious, bicycles are the cleaner alternative to mechanized transport.
There are over one billion bikes in the world. That’s twice the number of cars. With the multiple benefits of bicycling, the numbers are likely to grow.
The bicycle industry in the U.S.was estimated to be worth $6.2 billion by 2015. Annually, bicycling enthusiasts spend $81 million on gear. For comparison, total spending airplane tickets and fees is $51 billion. Total annual spending on bicycling gear, accessories, and vehicles adds up to more than $10 billion.

Finding the right seat
Bike seats are essential to overall comfort, and should be chosen for specific types of bike rides. For example, the c series bike seats and x series bike seats are completely different types of bike saddles. People often believe that a softer or wider saddle is more comfortable, but that is a mistaken belief.
The truth is that bike saddle should be matched to the goals of the rider. The c series bike seats are lighter and more energy efficient, with less sit bone pain and bruising. They’re suitable for sprints and uphill work. The x series seats are made of leather, are soft and comfortable, and are made for a comfortable day of touring by bike. Or even a month.

While the c series bike seats make for a more energy efficient riding surface, the x series seats are comfortable over long distances. Choosing the right bike seat can help you derive the maximum benefit and enjoyment from your biking activities, whatever form they take.