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Physical therapy centers

Recovering is tough enough without chronic pain. You’ve had to take time off work, put off your studies and even put your hobbies to the side while you work through the aftermath of an injury. Now you have to deal with chronic pain? When even the best painkillers aren’t doing the job, it’s possible you have a deeper issue that needs attention. Physical therapy centers are staffed with professionals keen on providing you relief that lasts longer than a pill can give.

History Of Physical Therapy

The art of physical therapy can be traced back centuries. As many as 2,500 years ago similar fields were discovered in multiple countries, all meant to relieve pain and encourage physical and mental wellness in patients. Hippocrates is believed to be one of the first ever practitioners, promoting both therapeutic massage and hydrotherapy during his time. As of today there are over 200,000 certified physical therapists working in the United States.

Common Sources Of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain comes from many different sources. It can result from the aftermath of a sports injury or slowly be brought on by poor posture at work. It can be exacerbated by age or caused by poor lifestyle choices. During any three month period it’s estimated one out of four American adults will experience some form of lower back pain, the most common source of chronic pain besides hip pain, neck pain and wrist pain. Chronic pain is defined by any form of pain that lasts for longer than three months and emerges multiple times per week.

Frequency Of Sports Injuries

It’s very common for a sports injury to result in chronic pain. It’s estimated over 775,000 children under the age of 14 are treated in emergency rooms for sports injuries on an annual basis. The most common reasons are collisions, overexertion and being struck with a heavy object. Another six million people will break a bone or receive a fracture in the same timeframe, meaning physical therapy centers are frequently being sought out for their unique brand of expertise. If you’re hesitating on whether or not to sign up for pain management, a 2015 study published in a health journal found initial treatment results in 70% lower costs the following year.

Rheumatology Symptoms And Causes

Physical therapy comes in a variety of fields to address every form of pain, no matter how minor or severe. Rheumatology, in particular, focuses more on issues with the joints and nerves. A rheumataologist specialist can pinpoint why your legs ache some days and not others, for starters, or provide relief for spinal issues that keep you from enjoying your life to the fullest. Spinal surgery is a resource that can be used for more severe conditions, but the majority of back pain can be resolved in a few months at physical therapy centers.

What To Expect At A Physical Therapy Center

Physical therapy centers will help you make a full recovery. This means no stiffness in the morning, no aches preventing you from engaging with your hobbies and no trouble sleeping at night. Depending on the severity of your pain your session can last anywhere from a few months to year-round. The more extreme cases may require minor surgery to reverse. Sessions can include stretching, massages and minor exercise to relieve pain and encourage a faster healing process. Pain relievers in the form of medication, heating pads and slings can also be prescribed.

Chronic pain isn’t normal. See how physical therapy centers can help you bounce back from your injury and make it a thing of the past.