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In this YouTube video, Checkdent looks at the differences between general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. There are many options available to change or improve a person’s smile.

Gum and smile improvement techniques were initially developed for models and celebrities.

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Over the years, technology has advanced so that not only are these methods and options more widely available, but they are also safer and last longer.
Veneers, bleaching, internal bleaching, or ceramic crowns, along with deeper treatments, can go a long way to improve a smile. Some even undergo root and jaw surgery to correct some of the red and white balance within their mouths to achieve a more aesthetic smile.

Various cultures dictate what an attractive smile means for each society. For European and North American countries, gums should be pale pink, closely connected to the teeth, and show a slightly orange tint upon closer inspection. The first upper tooth should be the brightest, with the second and third going back into the mouth, each marginally darker than before.

The symmetry of the upper teeth is fundamental, while the lower teeth can have a slight angle or be a little off for a more natural appearance. It’s also essential to have the right balance between the color balance in the mouth, translucence, and opalescence.