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The population of Arizona represents one of the most diverse backgrounds in the United States. Although the state has made tremendous improvements regarding healthcare services for its residents, aging Baby Boomers are realizing that finding the best healthcare coverage isn?t always easy.

However, the information below may make it a little easier for Arizona residents to navigate the world of health insurance. Here’s just a quick look at what you should have in mind when you’re picking out the best insurance plan options to offer in Arizona:

State Population
According to the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), Arizona’s overall population is expected to increase by 81% between 2010 and 2050, resulting in approximately 11.5 million residents. The population of elderly residents is expected to grow even faster: there were just over 883,000 residents over age 65 in 2010, but this is projected to increase by 174% by 2050, resulting in 2.4 million Arizonans over the age of 65.

Preventative Care
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, only 56.1% of Arizona residents over the age of 65 received their annual influenza vaccination within the past year, and 70.9% report receiving a pneumonia vaccination at least once in their lives. These two vaccines are incredibly important for elderly Americans because they can often prevent the influenza virus and pneumonia from taking hold in the first place. When combined, the flu and pneumonia are the seventh leading cause of death for Americans over the age of 65. Having a health insurance plan that offers preventative health services is vital in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Chronic Diseases
As the ADHS indicated, aging Arizona residents have both positive and negative health trends compared to the national population. Both men and women in Arizona are less likely to have diabetes or suffer from a stroke compared to the average elderly American, but the aging Arizonan is more likely to develop cancer (especially skin cancer) and/or asthma.

Health Insurance Coverage
Arizona residents, just like millions of Americans across the country, depend on insurance companies to provide them with coverage for their medical expenses, including choosing the from the many Medicare supplement plans for Arizona residents. As of 2012, approximately 14% of the state received health coverage through Medicare, and the average Medicare enrollee receives $9,400 in health coverage annually. Still, as recently as 2014, 15.5% of adults in Arizona stated that they were unable to see a doctor for medical treatment at least once in the previous 12 months simply because of the cost.

How do you choose the right health coverage? Ultimately, it’s up to you how you when it comes to deciding on your care. Working with the right insurance provider can make the choice a bit easier, though, so don’t be afraid to compare plans in Arizona and nationwide.