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Fixing a decayed tooth is always a necessary dental procedure. The dentist will clean out the decayed area that leaves a cavity or hole in your tooth. Once done, the hole is filled with dental fillings to make the tooth surface even and make it look natural. In this video, let us know what are the different types of dental fillings.

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* Composite Fillings

These fillings are created from resin and plastic material. It’s usually placed inside the tooth while it’s hardened and soft with bright curing lights. It’s also a common option as it is customizable.

* Silver Amalgam Fillings

This has always been a popular filling, as it contains more than silver. It’s a combination of materials, which includes zinc, tin, copper, and mercury.

* Ceramic Fillings

These are created using porcelain material, which would make them more durable and appealing. The ceramic fillings cost more than just other fillings, and they are usually tooth-colored. It resists stains and abrasion a lot better.

* Glass Ionomer Fillings

This is a kind of filling made from a mix of acrylic and glass. They are usually used for children with forming teeth. These fillings release fluoride into the teeth and protect them from further decay. However, they only last for a few years because they’re weaker than the resin, and they are bound to crack or wear out.