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What is genetic modified food

Often referred to as the “Father of Medicine,” Hippocrates is well known for saying “Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” Losing weight is difficult for many people, a healthy weight loss diet involves eating a lot of high quality unprocessed whole foods. A good rule of thumb, not just for those looking to follow a healthy weight loss diet, is to read labels. Eating organic foods with few or no unpronounceable ingredients means you are getting better quality less processed food.

Many people start a healthy weight loss diet or a detox diet plan because they are unhappy about the way they look or feel. People following these diets frequently switch to organic foods and produce not only because they taste better and are fresher, but because choosing organic is often a better choice for the environment. More Americans are looking for healthy snack ideas, and nearly 80 percent are purchasing organic products.

The market for organic products is not limited to produce. Although it is possible to find organic items in nearly every aisle of the supermarket, organic items can also be found in clothing, cleaning products, cosmetics and home decorating stores as well. Over 2 billion dollars of organic non food products were sold in 2011. Read more blogs like this.