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The great outdoors offers many different sports, from kayaking to hiking and rock climbing all the way to game hunting and target shooting with either firearms or bows and arrows. Archery, despite being seen as archaic compared to modern firearms, in fact still stands as a popular method both for game hunting and simple leisure. Archery does not make the loud noise of firearms, and bows and arrows can have a delightful, hands-on feel of drawing a bowstring back and releasing an arrow. For newer bow users, an archery training app can be a great way to track one’s progress and statistics, and more than one type of archery training app is out there for archery training, bow trainers, and archery strength training. How can one download the right archery training app and use it to become an expert bowman?

The Popularity and Exercise of Archery

Using an archery training app gets a newcomer into the sport, but experienced and novice archers alike have plenty of company. In the year 2016, for example, the total population of archery participants aged six and over reached 7.9 million, and this number may grow in the future. This factors into the total population of Americans who take part in outdoor activities like hunting and fishing, or 101.6 million people, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Survey. That amounts to nearly 40% of the entire American population. And more and more women are finding their place in the archer and hunter community; the U.S. Census Bureau’s statistics show that over the past 10 years, the number of women going hunting or practicing archery has risen, and they now represent 11% of American hunters. What is more, archery can be decent exercise; it often takes place outdoors, and it involves standing, walking, and drawing back bowstrings (some of which may have heavy resistance weight). The Economist has found that a gold medal-winning archer may burn around 1,084 calories, and at a tournament, a person may burn 100 to 150 active calories during each half hour.

Learning to Shoot

There are many places that offer training for archery, and to find one, a person can carry out an Internet search, with queries such as “archery classes near me” or “where can I learn archery?” Addresses and names for local class locations should come up. Also, retailers that stock archery, hunting, and general outdoor activity goods should have sales staff who can point out nearby places to learn archery, and more recently, sales staff at such retailers may also know what archery training app is best for a customer, along with the right training equipment and safety precautions.

An archery training app can serve a number of functions. For example, the user may input data regularly during shooting sessions, such as the draw weight and arrows fired per minute or hour, as well as the results of the shoots. This can allow the user to figure out his or her average score and shooting speed, and how to improve those statistics. The app might also have stopwatch features, and it may calculate proper training regimens for the user and set realistic goals for the user to pursue. Depending on the app, an archery app might also allow the user to share data online and compare to other people, and get ideas from other archers on technique and goal setting.