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Do you have some unexplained mental or physical health issues? Are you suspicious you may have been misdiagnosed by your doctor? You may be in need of a pain management specialist. From pinpointing the causes of ADD and insomnia to helping adults from all backgrounds with proper alcoholism, a pain management specialist may be just what you need to narrow down the source of your daily frustration and offer you therapeutic or medical solutions. If you’re curious about doctors who prescribe medical marijuana or just need a check-up to assuage any fears you be having about your general day-to-day health, continue reading to get a crash course on common issues facing Americans today and what you can do about it.

Low Testosterone Levels

Let’s begin with one of the most commonly neglected aspects contributing to exhaustion and depression in adult Americans. It’s thought as many as 13 million American men may suffer from low testosterone levels, with a stunning 90% receiving no treatment for their symptoms. Seeing a hormone therapy doctor can see your testosterone levels boosted with TRT, bringing your energy levels back to normal and your general health lifted. Other treatment options can include diet changes, prescription medication and physical therapy.

Alcohol And Drug Problems

What’s the most common form of drug abuse in America? Although some may consider it marijuana, the most accessible and frequently abused substance is alcohol. Studies have shown that more than 10% of American children live with a parent with alcohol problems, with 20% of college students meeting the criteria for Alcohol Use Disorder. The most vulnerable ages for drinking problems are young adults and those with a higher education, with other significant factors including a family history of alcoholism and mental illness such as depression.

Anxiety Disorder

The most common mental illness diagnosed in the United States is anxiety disorder, including related disorders like panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and social anxiety. It affects at least 40 million adults around the country, adding up to nearly 20% of the total population, and can make day-to-day necessities like going to work, attending school and maintaining healthy relationships extremely difficult. Depression is also very common, with over 80% of depressed individuals not seeking out professional help for their symptoms.


As medical knowledge for ADD and ADHD increase, so do the diagnoses of both children and adults across the country. It’s been found that nearly seven million young children have been diagnosed with some form of ADHD, with boys considered twice as likely to be diagnosed than girls. Symptoms can include, but are not limited to, irritability, trouble sleeping, nausea, concentration issues and trouble in school. Successful treatments for ADD and ADHD include cognitive behavioral therapy, prescription medication and lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise.

Finding A Pain Management Specialist

Whether you suspect you have low testosterone levels affecting your daily health or a mental illness that’s gone undiagnosed for years, a pain management specialist can better pinpoint your problems and put you on the fast track to getting the help you need. Filling out simple questionnaires, as well as bringing with you a detailed medical and family history, will go a long way in making sure your diagnosis is accurate. Next time you’re unable to get a good night’s rest or are feeling more nauseous and irritable than usual, seek out your local pain management specialist and get the treatment you deserve today.