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After taking one brief look at the typical American walking down the street pretty much confirms what all of the health experts say. America is the fattest county in the world. While the ignorant sometimes assert that it is healthy to carry a little extra weight; Americans are not fat, the rest of the world is too thin; or that having an overweight population is a sign of national prosperity. Each of these claims are not only misguided, but dead wrong on all accounts. The flabby population in the United States signifies three primary things, which are far from any of those cited above. American are fat because they are too physically lazy to follow health fitness tips; they are economically disadvantaged; or they are simply apathetic about what they put into the bodies. However, while many Americans are busy or are struggling financially, by following health fitness tips for women or men, anyone can lose weight and improve their health.

Today, it is practically impossible to be ignorant about what is healthy and what is not with so many health fitness tips out there. To be honest, one cannot go online without being hit with at least a couple of articles or health fitness tips. There are health and fitness tips for old people, children, middle aged folks, and women fitness tips. Thus, ignorance is no longer an excuse for failing to realize that just following a few daily health tips can help one improve their health. Fortunately, many Americans are finally waking up to the fact that they need to follow health fitness tips on a daily basis if they want to live long and healthy lives. Therefore, if people are having trouble finding the ambition and energy to begin exercising and following health fitness tips, they must admit to themselves that they are not invulnerable, and that their unhealthy eating habits will have consequences.

There is no doubt that Americans are busy; and statistics show that Americans work more days and longer hours in a year than any other developed country. Furthermore, the pervasiveness of pizzerias and fast food restaurants are tempting after working a 9 or 10 hour day. However, people need to value their health, and take a few minutes each day to heed some of the many health fitness tips that circulate about the internet daily. Health fitness tips have never hurt anyone.