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For many people, going to emergency room often feels like the only option for seeking out medical care. For those without insurance and for those who are unable to take off work to schedule an appointment with their general care practitioner, the emergency room is left as what feels like the only option. However, that is not the case, as urgent care centers can treat everything from an ankle fracture to heat stroke.

Urgent care centers are the clear choice for convenient and quality medical treatment. For instance, more than eighty percent of all urgent care clinics are open every single day of the week, with many open before 9 am and closed only late in the evening. Some urgent care centers are even open all hours and every day of the week, making it incredibly convenient to find time to see a medical professional without needing to take a day off of work – time off work that many people cannot afford. An urgent care center is ideal for a particularly busy person as well, as the majority of urgent care centers have a maximum average wait time of only around fifteen minutes. And most patients in an urgent care clinic are in and out within just one hour. In an emergency room, by comparison, it is likely that you will wait for as long as an hour before even speaking to a nurse, let alone the doctor assigned to your case.

Urgent care centers are often considerably less expensive than your average emergency room trip, especially for those without medical insurance. To use numbers to compare, a typical emergency room trip is likely to cost more than one thousand dollars, while an urgent care visit, in comparison, will cost only just over two hundred dollars. This means that urgent care provided health care is considerably more accessible than healthcare found most places elsewhere.

Most urgent care centers and walk in clinic are also able to treat a wide range of conditions, from an ankle fracture to the flu. Most urgent care centers see many people complaining of dizziness, which has a number of causes, from dehydration to heat stroke. Heat stroke is also a commonly seen complaint in many urgent care locations, but can easily be prevented by staying hydrated, as water has been found to be a key in properly regulating the temperature of our body (and this makes sense, as are bodies are nearly seventy percent water alone).

care centers can often treat more complex complaints as well, such as an ankle fracture. In fact, an urgent care location is often the perfect place to go to have an ankle fracture diagnosed as well as treated, as eighty percent of all urgent care centers can provide fracture care for fractures such as an ankle fracture.

Urgent care locations are ideal for all kinds of medical care, from an ankle fracture to the common cold. Urgent care locations are ideal for treating any number of different maladies and complaints and provide accessible medical care for all, regardless of your insurance status. This makes them preferable to the emergency room, as the majority of emergency room locations have extensive wait times of as long as a whole hour and prohibitively expensive costs, even for minor problems in need of treatment, like stitches. Urgent care centers on the other hand can treat even more serious conditions such as an ankle fracture for a relatively inexpensive cost and far less of a wait time, making urgent care the superior venue for quality medical treatment.