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Counseling services

The mind is a powerful tool, so powerful sometimes that it takes an outside consideration to truly understand what is going on with ourselves. The tribulations of life can weigh heavily on one’s shoulders, causing issues with friends, loved ones, and even one’s own mental health. To this end, many people are turning to psychotherapy services to find an answer to the overwhelming issues that consume their lives. Psychotherapy services have developed over centuries, offering a variety of cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal and other kinds of talk therapy to help the individual work through their problems and find a better perspective. Here are three benefits of psychotherapy services to improve one’s quality of life.

Mental Illnesses

The stress of modern life is a very real threat to the health of an individual as more and more people are thought to be living with depression each year. It is believed that there are an estimated 16,000,000 adults in the United States that have experienced at least one major depressive episode back in 2012; this number comprises around 6.9% of all adults in the country. Unfortunately, around half of all Americans suffering from major depression do not seek professional treatment. Depression, along with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and multiple personality disorder can debilitate an individual’s life if left untreated. For those who do choose to receive treatment through psychotherapy services, they will find that the treatment process for depression typically lasts from 10 to 20 weeks; the antidepressants themselves will require at least four to six weeks until they are in full effect. With proper treatment, anyone can overcome their mental illness and receive a whole new outlook on life.

Couple’s Therapy

Despite what anyone tells you, building a healthy relationship is perhaps one of the most difficult things anyone can do. A relationship needs to be open and built on the foundation of trust; unfortunately with a divorce rate hovering around 50%, many couples are unable to fulfill the commitments of their wedding vows. Therapists state that a lack of interest in the other, financial hardships, and affairs are the primary reason why many couples choose to work out their issues through couple’s therapy sessions. Couple’s therapy allows a third party to direct a couple through exercises in trust, allowing couples an even ground to discuss problems in the relationship along with an outside party to give recommendations on how to fix said problems. The professional confidentiality that comes with a therapist can give couples the tools needed to deal with their problems and may result in improved physical health and the ability to function better at work. Around half of all couples who attended Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy recovered upon the conclusion of therapy with as many as 70% of those couples stating that their recovery was within three months.

Improving Family Relationships

Along the lines of building a healthy relationship, many Americans find it more difficult than ever to communicate with their children, especially when issues of divorce, family death, bad behavior, or other events come into play. Therapy sessions for families typically aim at improving communication throughout the family unit, encouraging openness and bonding time; they are often response to a problem family member or life-changing event. The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists stated that around 90% of those who attended family therapy noted a significant increase in general family happiness and communication. For those families struggling with what ought to come naturally, consider the help of a certified family therapist to help a family emerge from the problems that shadow their lives.