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Taking good care of your skin is a hugely important thing, as any local dermatologist will be able to tell you. You have to protect your skin because, even though many people do not necessarily think of it in this way, it is actually the largest organ in your entire body. And there are many things to be aware of when it comes to your skin, some of which are merely cosmetic problems and others that can even be life threatening.

For instance, acne is something that likely every local dermatologist has seen. And as every dermatologist knows, severe acne is likely to leave a scar, sometimes deep ones that don’t even seem to fade with time. This acne scarring is incredibly common, as it has found that by the time a child reaches their mid teen years, up to forty percent of them are likely to be dealing with severe acne scarring.

There is scar treatment for such acne scarring that has shown considerable success, but it is recommended that the opinion of a local dermatologist be sought out in order to be evaluated for it. Such a skin doctor will also be able to deal with the underlying skin problems that have led to the acne in the first place, something that will prevent the formation of new scars. This will also, of course, improve the overall skin health of the teen in questions as well.

But not just teenagers get acne, though it is perhaps the teenage population that experiences it most predominantly. But of the eighty five percent of people who deal with acne at some point over the entire course of their lives, many do so later on in life, during their twenties, thirties, forties, or even their fifties. There are a number of reasons for adult onset acne to begin.

For one, big life changes can trigger acne, as acne and stress have often been linked together. On top of this, new medications and dietary changes can also cause the onset of acne in your adult years, as can health conditions. Anything that disrupts your hormones can lead to acne as well, making pregnancy and all of its changes a huge culprit. While some women will experience the famed pregnancy “glow,” others will find that their skin has seemingly reverted back into their teenage years.

A local dermatologist often deals with other skin problems that can originate in pregnancy, such as skin hyper pigmentation. In fact, up to seventy percent of the pregnant population here in the United States will deal with skin hyper pigmentation while they are pregnant. For most women, the hyper pigmentation will begin to fade once their baby is born and their hormones begin the process of reverting back to normal. For some women, however, the problem becomes permanent and seeking the help of skin experts like their local dermatologist is advisable.

Preventing sun damage is also key not only to maintaining the appearance of your skin, but to maintaining its health as well. Without protection from the sun, you skin will suffer and one of the first signs of this is likely to be the appearance of sunspots, which can originate as early on as your twenties if you do not take care of your skin in the way that you should be. The sun can also be incredibly aging, leading to the formation of fine lines even in the younger population of adults.

Of course, we all know that sun exposure can all too easily lead to cancer if you are not careful to protect your skin in the ways that you should be. Covering your skin as much as possible can help, as can wearing sunscreen and sunglasses. Even lip protection that has an SPF content is important – though all too many people might not know it. And having your local dermatologist take a look at your moles once a year can also help to catch and remove skin cancer before it becomes dangerous.

Seeing your local dermatologist can help to protect your skin in many different and varying ways and should be looked at as very important.