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Have you always wondered whether you have ADHD? According to the Mayo Clinic, here are a few signs that an adult may have ADHD:

– Restlessness
– Impulsiveness
– Issues prioritizing
– Struggle to multitask
– Poor time management and planning skills
– Trouble focusing on a task
– Excessive activity
– Disorganization
– A low frustration tolerance

adult ADHD doctors

If you’ve always had trouble focusing, whether it was in school and/or at work, and you also display some of these other symptoms listed above, it is best to see one of the adult ADHD doctors in your area. This type of doctor specializes in ADHD diagnoses and treatments. They’ll sit down with you and help determine the best course of treatment for your diagnosis. They may suggest trying a medication, so be prepared to be open-minded to the treatment options presented to you.

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You may not realize the options available to you until you meet with a doctor. It may seem scary, but these professionals are specifically trained in this specialty for a reason!

If you can’t see a doctor in person, there are also telehealth options. You can meet with a doctor via a phone call or a video chat session. This is a helpful alternative if the closest adult ADHD doctors to you are over an hour away from your home!