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Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain. For many people, chronic pain takes over their lives to the point where they have trouble sleeping, getting around on their own, and enjoying their favorite things in life.

Up to 69 percent of Americans say that low back pain affects their day-to-day lives and only four in ten adults try to heal their back pain through working out. At least 40 percent of people suffering from long-term low back pain do not see a doctor or physical therapist. Avoiding the problem or trying to self medicate through working out without the guidance of a physical therapist is dangerous, and can cause your chronic pain to worsen over time.

If you are one of those Americans struggling with severe chronic pain it may be time for you to visit a pain clinic. A pain clinic is a healthcare facility that focuses on diagnosis and pain management. The most popular pain clinic is the one that focuses on back and neck pain, the other type of clinic will look at the entire body. A pain clinic will not only prescribe medication but will also prescribe physical, mental and psychological therapies if your situation calls for it.

The ultimate goal for doctors at a pain clinic is to prescribe a treatment that will give you your life back. This means your doctor might prescribe remedies like acupuncture, physical therapy, water therapy, mediation or massage. The ultimate goal is to work on your pain for long-lasting results, and your doctor will walk through all of the options with you in your first consultation.

Pain clinics differ from certain types of walk-in clinics because they often offer holistic health in the same space. Oftentimes you’ll be able to see a nutritionist, a physical therapist and your regular doctor in one day to help you manage your pain. The pain clinics goal is to enhance your quality of life. Therefore, the doctors there will not give you a prescription and then never see you again.

When they are performing at their best, pain clinics focus on the patient, not the pain. The doctors and physicians will focus on your specific needs and tailor a treatment that works for you. Walk-in clinic today and change your life.