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The industry for men’s skin care and grooming product is bigger than some may realize. In fact, the worldwide market for male grooming is expected to grow between 2012 and 2024, and by the end of that time frame, that market could reach a worth of $29.12 billion USD. In the United States in particular, the market for shaving goods is predicted to grow about 10% to a total of $3.37 billion by the year 2020, and today, more American men than ever have beards that will need shaving and trimming. As of now, 39% of American men have facial hair, a climb of 15% from five years ago. Also, by now, 20% of men don’t shave at all, across all age groups, so all these bearded men will need the right products to maintain their look. Shaving accessories can be found online or in stores, from shaving cream to beard oil to a total beard maintenance kit. Men’s care can expand beyond beards to the whole body: anti aging skin care is a big deal for men, and there’s plenty of products out there for today’s man to look his best.

Better Skin for the Man

Despite some popular misconceptions or stereotypes, plenty of men care very much how their skin looks, and they know what kinds of products to get and how to use them, and the product makers understand the science of skin perfectly. Anti aging skin care is 100% possible with a little know how, and can keep any man looking fresh and appealing.

Even basic sun lotion factors into the skin game. Exposure to UV rays can wreak havoc on the skin, from spots to peeling to redness, and all this can prematurely age skin, so sun lotion could easily be categorized as anti aging skin care. This isn’t just for summer beach parties where a man is out to impress the ladies; in winter, this sort of anti aging skin are is still important, especially nearer the equator or in sunny areas in general. Similarly, according to Esquire, using the right men’s under eye cream can reduce puffiness and dark circles, both of which can have an aging effect on the face. Using this cream will keep a man looking fresher and younger.

Getting a bad shave is probably worse than no shave at all, and missing certain shaving products, or using cheap ones, can damage the skin in many ways. Any man who shaves should invest in products such as good shaving cream for smooth razor use, and aftershave to prevent razor burn and keep him smelling great (as long as not too much is used). Woody and herbal scents are great for cooler months, and citrus scents are ideal for warmer times of the year. Soaking blades in warm water and using good pre shave oils can also reduce redness and other skin irritation, allowing for an anti aging skin care effect.

Even simple acts such as washing one’s face before bed is a great option for men, especially those in urban areas where grime and other pollutants can build up on the face. Splashing on cold water, then using an alcohol free and light face wash can keep the skin looking better, although moisturizers should be avoided so the pores can breathe. During earlier times in the day, there’s no shortage of men’s moisturizing effects, whether in shampoo or body wash, to keep skin smooth, fresh, and free from the unsightly effects of being dry and chapped. The lips are also a part of the skin, so using the right lip balm, such as those with shea butter, can keep that part of the face fresh, too.

On a final note, some men’s style traditions may seem dead and gone now, but they can easily be incorporated into a man’s life with great effect. Having a regular barber and shaving parlor isn’t just a nostalgic trip; these services were once the norm for a reason. Having a regular barber who understands your hair’s quality and your interests gives a man a consistent and perfect haircut, and the same can be said for a shaving parlor. This can even throw in a social, men-oriented element to facial grooming.