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It’s difficult for some doctors to say goodbye to a career they’ve loved and one that formed a large part of their identity. In this video, retired doctors describe the passion they still have for working with patients even after officially retiring from active duty. All doctors, nurses, and staff in the hospital work every day to provide the best quality health care to their patients.

They might be retired, but these doctors and nurses pledge that they will provide health care services to patients from all socio-economic backgrounds as long as they are capable. Fortunately for the patients, they get to have their health and wellness attended to for free. Not only that, the medical staff is well equipped with years of experience and priceless knowledge.

The staff work at the hospital on a volunteer basis. This means that they do not charge anything for their services. Volunteers like Dr. Alex are driven by their need to keep on helping people. The good doctor admits that, in his own opinion, he gets more from continuing to treat patients than what the patients themselves get from his services. This is probably what drives him and others at the hospital to soldier on.

The good thing is that even when one retires from the medical field, they get to keep their knowledge and skills. In this instance, the retired team decided not to let those skills go to waste. From simple cases requiring a poison oak rash remedy to more complicated treatments, every patient who comes to the hospital pays the same exact price: $0.00. The practice is a beam of hope and a lifesaver for many who would otherwise fail to have their health attended to due to financial constraints.

Generally, the practice helps about 5000 patients per year, and the doctors vow to keep on assisting as many people as they can, as long as their health, stamina, and age permits. Free healthcare ensures that every citizen from any socio-economy background can access good quality health services at no cost. This undoubtedly has a remarkable impact on the overall social environment of the nation.

For people close enough to the practice and others like it, going to the doctor becomes very affordable and easy, ultimately leading to people going to the doctor more often. This will ultimately eliminate illnesses linked to avoiding doctor visits due to the high costs of medical care.