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A family physician is a medical doctor who has completed an accredited residency in family medicine. Family physicians, as explained in the video,” What Does A Family Physician Do?” provide primary care and medical care for the entire family, from infancy to old age. Here are the key responsibilities of a family physician:

The first responsibility of a family physician is to take the patient’s history. The family physician reviews the patient’s medical history to determine the cause or risk factors of diseases associated with that particular case.

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A patient’s history includes age, sex, and all personal information.

Secondly, the family physician is also responsible for the physical examination of every patient. A thorough and detailed physical examination is vital for a more accurate diagnosis, especially for conditions that may be present but are not yet manifested, such as cancer.

Lastly, the physician provides counsel and treatment to their patients. This includes examinations, diagnosis, and recommendations, along with patient education. The physician also gives prescriptions for medications to treat illnesses or diseases.

In conclusion, a family physician is one of the most critical medical doctors in the medical world. They play a huge role in coordinating health services for the entire family. This includes preventive health care, treatment of common ailments and diseases, and management of chronic conditions.