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Most comfortable saddle for road bike

Ever since they were first invented in the nineteenth century, bikes have been a favorite mode of transportation, a popular sporting pastime and a way to see the world. Bike camping trips combine all of these in one fun, challenging and enriching experience. When planning a bike camping trip, the right lightweight gear is important. So is the right kind of leather bicycle saddle, which lets you bike long distances without discomfort and tail-bone pain.

Bicycles are the world?s favorite means of transport
Bicycles are still the world?s favorite mode of transportation, outnumbering cars two to one worldwide. There are around a billion bikes in the world, and their enduring popularity comes down to a few factors that haven?t changed much over the years. They?re an economical form of transportation, provide healthy exercise and get you out into the fresh air. You see a lot more of the world from a bicycle than a car or train.
All of these factors also make bike camping trips fun and enriching. Biking has grown in popularity in recent years, with a 46% increase in the number of bikers in the U.S. since 2005. This also means that camping grounds are more bike-friendly, offering a low-cost way to travel and see new places. Bike gear too keeps up with the growing popularity of the sport, with lightweight gear and leather bicycle saddles suitable for long journeys.

What to bring on a bike camping trip
When packing for bike camping, you have to ensure that you bring all essential items, while keeping an eye on the total weight you will be carrying. A lightweight three-season tent, warm, cool and weatherproof clothing, regular shoes or sandals, cooking gear, and sleeping bag are all basics. Tools like chain and spoke tools, tire irons, inner tube patch kit and a tire pump are necessities.
Spares for your bicycle are likewise essential to ensure that you don’t find yourself stranded miles from anywhere. These include inner tubes, a folded tire, lube, extra spokes, brake and derailleur cable, and any nuts and bolts you might need. It?s a good idea to prepare your bike for the trip, with a comfortable bike seat to see you through.

Benefits of having a comfortable bike seat
Bike seats designed for long journeys can go a long way towards making your camping trip more enjoyable. The most comfortable bike seats will ensure that you don?t suffer discomfort or tail-bone pain through a long day on the road. There are many different types of bicycle saddles and a speciality store can help you find the one that works best for you.
Bike gear can be expensive, but it?s always worthwhile to pay more for quality at the outset. The better quality gear will last longer and serve you better on your journeying. Americans spend $81 million each year on bicycling gear, outstripping expenditures on airplane tickets and fees, which add up to $51 billion. Priorities.

Bike camping is a great way to travel and see paces. Quality gear and a comfortable leather bicycle saddle will see you through years of travel and adventure.
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