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Many of us go through our days feeling constantly tired. This can lead to a loss in productivity and lessens are ability to sufficiently function in general. In a way, this fatigue is our body’s way of telling us that something is not right. This could be a whole number of things. For example, you may not be getting enough sleep.

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For others, you may not be getting enough exercise. In this video, you will learn why it could be what you are eating. This can be a complex issue. Therefore, you should consider seeking out nutritional counseling from a professional.

Many people think that simply eating good foods will give them energy. However, this is only half the battle. You also want to remove the bad foods that are zapping you of your energy. These foods include sugars, excessive carbohydrates, and other sugars. In general, you want to avoid eating more than 30 grams of sugar in total per day including carbohydrates. This is because carbohydrates get broken down into sugars. The thing with sugars is that they give you a short burst of energy only to leave you hanging. Instead, try eating more potassium, magnesium, and protein.