Health and Fitness Tips

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Fitness tips for women

Within the past ten years, obesity rates in the U.S. hit an all time high. Currently 35.7 percent of U.S. adults are considered obese. Studies showed that medical bills for obesity related issues were over $1000 more than medical bills that were not obesity related. Utilizing health and fitness tip websites on a daily basis can help men and women develop healthy lifestyles and greatly improve the health factor of the country.

Having a daily health tip email or sent to their phone can encourage people to find ways to alter their lifestyles to be healthier. Some health fitness tips include, drinking 8 or more glasses of water every day, exercising at least 10 minutes a day three times a week, cutting out fried or processed foods and avoiding snacking in between meals. Women fitness tips include using light weights at least two times a week and perform a self breast exam once a month.

Other health and fitness tips for women are eating more fruits and vegetables, cutting out fatty meats and replacing them with leaner beef and poultry and taking time to relieve stress each day by incorporating some sort of meditation into each daily routine. Many health websites put up a new health and fitness tip each week. Keeping up with them is as simple as bookmarking the page and making it the first thing that pops up when the internet is opened.

Being able to access a new health and fitness tip each day can give women and men ideas on how to develop a healthy lifestyle. Each health and fitness tip will give either a fact or a challenge that will assist with educating and strengthening everyone who wishes to better themselves. It just takes a little bit of push to get out of habitual bad habits and into a healthy lifestyle.