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Emr solutions

According to Kansas Health Institute, medical expenditures cost Americans $2.7 trillion annually. For afflictions of all different types, Americans need to be able to seek out healthcare that will help them while remaining affordable. Of course, with Americans visiting hospitals in such high numbers, increasing the over-stressed nature of the national healthcare landscape, a destructive cycle has been created. Consider, Americans visit ERs 130 million times a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Behavioral medicine, one of the most important parts of healthcare in the U.S., draws $200 billion in revenue every year.

Americans need a way to stay healthy without breaking the bank. Admittedly, this needs to be a concerted effort on the part of patients and their medical service providers. Electronic medical records software companies give healthcare providers the ability to offer safer, more affordable healthcare in three distinct ways.

  • Easy to Use
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    No piece of software, regardless of the aesthetic or custom engineering, offers anyone any service unless it is usable. Electronic health record systems, EHR systems for short, are written to be easily accessible to all healthcare employees. Subsequently, according to Becker’s Hospital Review, 61.7% of medical practices have successfully implemented stage 1 of their EHR software offered by electronic medical records software companies.

  • Decrease Documentation, Increase Accuracy
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    One of the biggest obstacles for any type of business is the ability to give accurate, safe service. This is especially important in the healthcare industry. Recent iHealthBeat reports show that 45% of nurses have seen a decreased need for documentation as a direct result of Emr solutions offered by electronic medical records software companies. Consider, less documentation equals more accurate record keeping. In turn, this allows doctors to keep better track of each patient, effectively making it easier to customize their care plans.

  • Improved Efficiency Equals Improved Costs
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    A recent study by Becker’s Hospital Review shows that over 50% of medical practices utilizing electronic health record software have experienced a huge increase in work efficiency. Efficiency in the medical field leads to reduced costs for labor, filing, and many other crucial parts of the industry. These workplace savings will trickle over to consumers. Subsequently, as the CDC points out, 50% of healthcare providers not using such a system plan to implement one within the next year.

As can be seen, solutions offered through electronic medical records software companies allow healthcare providers to offer their patients reliable, safe service that may potentially cost less due to improved efficiency as the bureaucratic workload is greatly reduced. Any healthcare provider not taking advantage of these software solutions stands to miss out on a huge opportunity to improve their offered services. Learn more about this topic here.