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Hrt therapy in tampa

Hormones play a big role in the lives of humans, regulating everything from our sex drive to how we sleep and how we age. As we get older, some hormones naturally start to decline while others can be affected by illnesses and other conditions. In cases where natural hormones aren’t working the way they should, one treatment is hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone replacement therapy is a process whereby patients are given either synthetic or real versions of hormones that they lack. Hormone replacement treatments are common for people who have thyroid conditions and for older people whose sex hormones have declined. There are more than 50 different types of hormone replacement therapy treatments available.

One of the most common reasons for hormone treatments is to help men with low testosterone. Most men start to lose testosterone after the age of 30, and by age 45, about 40% of men have levels low enough to be classified as having low testosterone. There are a number of different treatments for this condition. There are many over-the-counter supplements that profess to boost testosterone, but for true hormone replacement, you need a prescription from a doctor. Such treatment can come in the form of pills or injections. You can work with your own doctor or you can see a specialist in an anti aging clinic.

Women also benefit from hormone treatments as they age. Women who hit menopause often have issues with having too much of one hormone or not enough of another one. Both synthetic and bioidentical hormones can be used for treatment. There are potential side effects, including an increased cancer risk, so it is something that has to be weighed. Such hormones are offered in a number of medical settings, including anti aging clinics.

There is one type of hormone replacement treatment that many women take when they are young and don’t even realize it. Birth control pills are a form of hormone replacement. Such medication mimics the normal menstrual cycle and causes women taking the hormones to not release eggs that can be fertilized. Most birth control prescriptions contain both estrogen and progesterone.

Taking hormones is something you only should do under the direction of a doctor, and even then, you should be aware of the possible side effects and complications and weigh those against the potential benefits.