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Vertical lifts for home

Independence is important to many seniors. Although it might seem impossible to hold onto that independence with mobility issues, there are housing renovations that can make this possible. These are some of the most common ways to improve your house?s mobility and ultimately, your independence.

Wheelchair ramps

Mobility in the house will ultimately depend on the type of mobility assistance that you use. However, the most common is wheelchair assistance. Wheelchairs are easy to maneuver and can be folded and tucked away for organization. They are larger though and do require a customized home to accommodate them. One of the most important accommodations to make is wheelchair ramps. According to HomeAdvisor?s 2016 Aging in Place Report, home service professionals say the top aging in place projects they have been hired to do include installing grab bars (71%) and adding entryway wheelchair ramps (54%).

Wider hallways and doors

Wheelchairs also require wider hallways and doors. Most wheelchairs increase the width and amount of space that a person takes up. If you live in a residence with smaller walkways, it can be impossible to maneuver around the house. Fortunately, if you follow ADA door requirements, you should find it easy to get in and out of doorways. You will also want to focus on creating a larger bathroom that gives you sufficient space for not only entering but also turning around and exiting. According to the same HomeAdvisor 2016 Aging in Place Report, 48% of homeowners over the age of 55 say the bathroom is the top area in the home they have considered modifying for aging in place.

Vertical lifts for home

Homes with stairways can be especially difficult and are one of the most common reasons for seeking alternative residence. A home with too many stairs can lead a senior to feel like they have no other option besides assisted living facilities. With vertical lifts for homes, you can reach the upstairs rooms. Even if your bedroom and the main bathroom are on the upper floor, such as with apartments or shared living environments, you can easily reach these rooms with vertical lifts for homes. You will want to consider the type of stairs before choosing the best vertical lifts for home. Fortunately, there are options available for curved stairways and regular stairways. You can also install custom outdoor stairlifts for climbing outdoor stairs.

Emergency response system

Another common concern of seniors with mobility issues is their ability to seek assistance in the event of an emergency. Falls are common and if you are unable to reach a phone, you are left stranded until a person stops by. Installing an emergency response system in the house can prevent this from happening. Technology today has made it easier than ever to install a reliable emergency response system. You can trust the services of a home automated system or you can wear an emergency alert device at all times. Just make sure it is a device that you will have on you day and night.

Comfortable mobility device

Once you renovate your home to accommodate your mobility device, you can safely move around your home. You can also hold onto your independence. The only thing left to consider is the comfort of your mobility device. Because you are able to stay in your home, you will want a device that is comfortable and fitted for your mobility needs. Make sure you have a cushioned seat and an easy to operate the system. A comfortable mobility device can also make it so you don?t have to worry about moving from household furniture to your device.

Approximately 53 million Americans live with a disability and according to a recent study, the most common disability is associated with limited mobility. With widened doorways, wheelchair ramps, and curved staircases chair lifts for home, seniors can hold onto their independence, despite having mobility issues.