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how to remodel exterior of house

Granted, not all of us have the DIY gene, but there are some things that you can enjoy doing or even enlist the help of your kids or partner to help you bond while doing something that will add value to your home. One of these things is house remodeling, and it’s not as scary as it may sound. Sometimes you need to call in an expert, but sometimes you can work on it yourself with a few tools you probably already have in your garage.

We have compiled a list below to help you especially if you have tried searching online “how to remodel exterior of house“. Read on to see some exterior house remodeling activities you can do to keep active this summer.

Deck Designs

A deck is a great way to add living space and value to your house. With countless ideas of what you can do out there, you are only limited by your budget, your neighborhood’s rules, and the setting of your existing properties.

There are two main types of decks regardless of the amenities you put on them, and they are:

  • Freestanding decks also called ground-level decks or floating decks. As the name suggests, they are close to the house but not on the house itself and may not be part of a route to any lower parts of the house. You don’t require a building permit to construct these as long as they are not more than 30 inches above grade and are not built over a lower story or basement.
  • Fixed decks, also called attached decks, are a lot more elaborate than floating decks. They have handrails and guards and require special footings, and are attached to the main house with a ledger board. These decks are best built by professionals because they are more complex, but in the end, they integrate with the home a lot better.

For these two types, you can have pools, lights, hot tubs, fancy railings, pergolas, and levels, or even use the deck to get unobstructed views or for an outdoor kitchen. Whatever the colors or fixtures you want, an outdoor deck gives you the ability to get them. Deck designs should be on your list of how to remodel exterior of house.

Swimming Pool Remodeling

Cooling off in your swimming pool is sure to beat anything else on a hot summer day. If you have anything you would like to change about your pool, this summer is a great time to do it. There’s plenty of things you can add to your pool during a model including:

  • Tanning ledges or sun shelves, which are ideal for laying in the water partially submerged. These are great for small children or pets who would rather not swim.
  • Fire bowls usually come prefabricated in a custom size but can be bought for a higher price in a custom size. They normally also have a line for natural gas or propane connected to them for convenient operation.
  • Water features like deck laminators, cascade falls, and rock waterfalls are very aesthetically pleasing.

As long as you plan your budget well, you can do your swimming pool remodeling and throw a pool party to share the new gorgeous design with family and friends.

Garage Door

Your garage can also use some love and one way of giving it a facelift is by installing a garage door screen on it. You’ll definitely want to include it in the guide for how to remodel exterior of house. Screen doors are usually made from wire mesh that has very small holes in them, so they allow air to move freely in and out once installed. Apart from this, a screen door will also:

  • Enhance natural light and improve ventilation because you can leave the main door open and with sunlight and air circulating in your garage, you will have fewer mold issues.
  • Keep out bugs and rodents from your garage because they can’t find a way through the closed screen. This will save you fumigation costs and the cleanup involved with retrieving animals and their droppings.
  • Provide a safe and secure area for doing projects in or serve as an extra play area for kids because though the garage will be sealed from the outside, natural light will penetrate the screen.

You can get a roll-up screen, retractable screen, or sliding screen for your garage depending on your budget and preferences, and you will enjoy the benefits any of them bring.


The roofing on your home is an important aspect of your house, and you should not ignore it. A few things you can do for your roof include cleaning it of the debris that collects over winter, replacing lost shingles that can expose your roof to the elements, and cleaning the gutters and downspouts.

Having a lot of debris on your roof can weigh it down, potentially introducing leaks and weak spots. A simple sweep will get most large pieces of twigs and dust off, adding more years to your roof.

Roof Repair

When your roof develops issues, it is best to get to the root of the matter as soon as possible. A few roof repair projects you can do yourself over the summer include repairing metal flashings, open valley flashings, battens, and leaks.

A few tips you can make use of while repairing your roof are:

  • Wearing rubber-soled shoes so you have good traction when you go up on the roof
  • Get rid of any shingles that come free easily and replace them
  • Re-adhere any shingles curling at the edges of the roof with roofing adhesive or caulk. If they are brittle, soften them with a heat gun first so they don’t break.
  • Fill any flashings with roof cement to make sure they are fully sealed, and apply extra roof cement with a putty knife to seams that seem worn down to make sure they stay secure.

Custom Modern Door

Your door can change the appearance of your house really fast, and given the ease of getting a custom modern door installed, you should think about it if you are thinking of remodeling your house this summer.

You can put up steel interior doors if you want a minimalist, luxurious look. It doesn’t matter if your house’s architecture is industrial, modern, transitional, or traditional, a well-made steel door will complement each design beautifully. Because the rails and stiles are made from solid steel and the panel from either glass or wood, you can customize them to a level of detail that is hard to beat.

Another option is to get aluminum-clad wood entry doors if your house is not in a harsh area that experiences extreme weather conditions. Harsh weather may affect the aging and appearance of the wood over time faster than it would be economically sound to replace.

The third option for modern doors is the eco-friendly man-made option which feature man-made veneers. Due to the fact that they are crafted from eco-friendly material, the levels of customization with these doors go further. For instance, you can have magnetic handles and locks, a variety of lock functions, and concealed hinges among others.

If you put the style of your house into consideration, you can get quality aesthetics that will leave all guests to your house wondering where you got the design instinct from!

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are bound to leave your guests and neighbors impressed with your house every time they see it. They’ll be asking for your guide on how to remodel exterior of house. Not only will this give your house a lovely look, but it will also increase the value of your home and increase the space you have for parties, barbecues, and similar socialization. While it can potentially be a costly affair getting it right, you can use a few tips to make sure you make it budget-friendly but professional-looking.

These tips include:

  • Start by writing down a budget. Because most outdoor kitchens simply need some sitting space, a storage area, and a prep and cooking area, the cost doesn’t need to be extravagant.
  • Avoid individual high-costs which are typically anything that needs a contractor like plumbing or electrical work. Unless you can afford it or you are a professional yourself, these costs can make it impossible to get the outdoor kitchen done.
  • Using portable appliances instead of ones that are built-in will make the overall costs lower, and you can also rearrange your outdoor kitchen as you please. This also applies to pre-made bars and grills if you need them.
  • Instead of constructing a fireplace, try a fire pit which will serve the same purposes, costs less, and can be dressed up to look really fancy.
  • You don’t need to make everything fancy, just pick one or two items you feel you want the most and splurge on those, but keep everything else low-budget. You can also use salvaged materials instead of buying a brand new for your walkways and backsplash, for example.
  • Finally, whenever possible, go for durable items over cheap ones that are low-quality and bound to need constant replacing.

With these tips, you can get an enviable outdoor kitchen in your yard that won’t break the bank. It will also be a fun summer activity that you can involve your family and friends in to pass the time, bond, and cut costs!

House Painting

Paint has the ability to turn any space into a whole new area, so if you are up for the challenge, give your house a fresh coat. Besides basic house painting prep like using painter’s tape, covering everything you don’t want to get paint with a drop cloth, and stirring the paint well, here are a few more tips.

A few other tips to make your painting project a success include:

  • Microwaving your paint tape to make it more manageable.
  • Maintain the integrity of your paint if half remains in the cans by dropping golf balls in to displace the air and fill the can up, or by sealing the jar with cling film and storing it upside down.
  • A water-based primer works well before painting new drywall while an oil-based primer will work for water-damaged walls.
  • Modify your paint stirrer by drilling holes in it so it can act like a whisk and mix the paint more evenly.
  • If painting with latex paint and don’t finish in a day, simply wrap your rollers and brushes in plastic wrap or tin foil and store them in the refrigerator because cold keep latex paint from drying quickly. Warm them up before using the next day, and you will start up where you left off.
  • Before starting out, figure out the existing paint on your walls by soaking a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol than rubbing it against your wall. If paint comes off onto the cotton ball, it is latex but if not, it is oil-based.

With these tips, you can paint your house like a pro for half the cost. You will also learn a few handy tips that you can use to help people out with, a definite plus!

Vinyl Siding Installation

The best thing about this bit of remodeling is that you can buy the vinyl siding with detailed instructions and so if you need to do a replacement, consider making it a DIY project. Just make sure to cap your corner posts so no critters make their homes inside them and buy a vinyl siding blade that will not shatter your siding as you work. To get a nice finish, always start a row at the back corner for the sides of the house so that the seam overlaps are not visible from the street. If appearance doesn’t matter though, it is best to install the siding so that prevailing winds blow over your seams as opposed to inside them. Vinyl siding installation could add a lot of value to your home.

Tree Removal

There are many reasons you may need tree removal from your property. It may be in the way of an important bit of house expansion or can pose a threat to the house due to large roots or the potential to fall on your property. If you want to go ahead with this project, first be sure that the tree is on your property as you don’t have the right to cut trees that are not on your property.

You then need to saturate the soil around the tree with water and use safety gear including helmets, gloves, and goggles. Make sure there are no pets or people around, and consider the direction the tree will fall in so you can prepare that spot and have an escape route if it falls towards you. An angle cut about 70 degrees and cut a quarter deep into the tree in the direction you would like it to fall will prove necessary.

Once you have cut the rest of the tree and left a tenth of the tree attached, it should start to fall by itself, but you can give it a shove to get it going. Stand at a safe distance and only approach it once it has fallen completely. If you need to remove the stump, use a stump grinder or dig around it, and also remove the root ball if you don’t want it to sprout back up.

If this guide on how to remodel exterior of house helped you be sure to put a pin in it so you have an easy reference. You don’t have to stay bored in the house when there are endless repairs you can do yourself. Always remember though, if things get out of hand or a project seems too complex or dangerous, you will do better leaving it to an expert.