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The importance of urgent care allow it to position itself as the go-to for the everyday mistakes. Your boneheaded husband fell off the ladder and broke his wrist? Every four out of five urgent care centers can treat a fracture. Your child needs stitches for a cut that is not life-threatening? Even fevers and symptoms associated with illness. Urgent care covers much of the daily bumps and bruises that life chucks your way.

Urgent care is exceptional when it comes to serving individuals unable to visit their personal doctor or the hospital of their choice. You wait less, get great care and oftentimes pay less than many other avenues of treatment. Not to mention it is incredibly convenient to simply walk in without even needing to schedule an appointment beforehand. It is easy to see why three million patients visited an urgent care facility in a single week; according to a study conducted by the Urgent Care Association of America.

For individuals experiencing the misfortune of lower back pain, like 69 percent of Americans do on the daily, can be treated at an urgent care center. Less than half of the individuals out of 10, four out of 10 to be specific, actually try to exercise to rid themselves of lower back pain. And since 85 percent of urgent care centers are open every single day, urgent care can be the best first stop to improving your back pain. In fact, urgent care as a whole is an excellent tool for diagnosing issues that can be treated and the best avenue to be at because if the problem is too severe and requires the use of an emergency room doctor, urgent care is capable of sending you in the right direction.

Urgent care can even serve the more intimate of subjects: STDs. STD testing can be a sore subject for many, and oftentimes individuals will feel embarrassed to even ask. It is okay! STD testing can give you the peace of mind you may feel you need while also educating you on the different types that you might be unaware of. It is even good to get an STD test even if you do not think you need it. At urgent care centers, STD testing is not any different from a hospital.

Life is inconsistent, at best; one day you might avoid all manner of accidents while the next day you are a magnet for it. What is not inconsistent is what urgent care offers every day, for citizens all over the country.