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Walk in urgent care

On Christmas and New Year’s Day when the grocery stores, shopping malls, and other modern conveniences are closed, some walk in urgent care centers are still open. On the holidays when most of us are home enjoying time with our families, some pharmacies are still open.
When your oldest daughter said that she was itchy following her recent shoulder surgery you were certain that it was little more than a reaction to the dressing that was placed on her at the hospital. In fact, when you texted pictures of the rash to two of your friends who are doctors, they thought the same. When you woke up Christmas morning to your daughter in tears from the heat and the pain of the blisters on her arm, however, you feared that you were dealing with more than a topical reaction. Fortunately, the on call doctor was able to visit with you on the phone. And while you could not return to the office for a follow up visit on Christmas Day, there were three different walk in urgent care centers that were open. With notes from the on call doctor recorded online, the walk in care center was quick to make a diagnosis, prescribe something that would calm down the inflammation and itching, and remind you that their offices would be open for the rest of the day and night should you have any more concerns.
Not All Medical Emergencies Take a Break for the Holidays
No one plans to be sick at Christmas, but if you find yourself, or someone in your family, under the weather on one of the biggest holidays of the year it is good to know that some walk in urgent care centers are open and available. With hours that extend through the night and on weekends, these quick care health centers provide a way to get the care that you need without having to pay the expensive price of going to a hospital emergency room.
Currently, There are 20,000 physicians who practice Urgent Care Medicine today, and of these facilities, as many as 85% are open seven days a week. Finding a way to make sure that you are getting the affordable care that you need is always important, even if you are in need of this care on a major holiday.