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The last ten years have been about nothing more than gymnastics meets, show choir performances, and marching band competitions. It has been fun, but it has been hectic. It has been exciting, but it is often exhausting. As you look forward to the day when both of your girls have schedules that no longer involve you, it is sometimes difficult to imagine how you will fill your days, your weeks, and your months. In preparation for that time, you have decided to start planning to have a getaway for couples. A time to enjoy some hours away from your home, away from your jobs, away from the gymnastics meets and music performances. At first, the idea of a getaway for couples was a little foreign to both you and your husband, but you are certain that you need a little practice in spending time together.
Whether you are newly married or you have been married from years, couples getaways can be a really good idea. From taking a spa trip to enjoying a weekend vacation that focuses on healthy eating and wellness to making plans for late nights of wild partying, a getaway for couples may be just what you are your special someone need. From romantic getaways in upstate NY to luxury resorts on the coast, a decision to get away with just you and your special someone can provide you the break that you need.
Romantic Weekends Are a Great Way to Spend Time with Your Loved One
If you are looking for a new way to spend time together now that your teenagers are able to take care of themselves, you might be interested in visiting locations across the country that allow you to relax and reconnect. Consider some of these great ideas for getaway for couples:

  • The U.S. spa industry reached an overall revenue of $16.3 billion in the year 2015, so it should come as no surprise that couples spa weekends are very popular..
  • Hiking during the day and enjoying a home cooked meal around the campfire is an exciting vacation for couples who want to make sure that they find a way to spend time together.
  • Estimates indicate that 42% of travelers feel more romantic while they are on vacation.

  • Popular among couples of all ages, beach vacations are almost always a great choice.
  • Even though some people like to hike and bike when they are on vacation, an international study indicated that 59% of people prefer a relaxing vacation to an active one.
  • Research shows that it is not just the young crowd that looks forward to a romantic weekend away. In fact, only 24% of millennials planned to go on a romantic getaway in the year 2016, according to an American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) survey.
  • Finding the vacation spot that you want months in advance is often advised so that you can get the reservations for exactly the dates that you want.
  • Exciting international destinations are a popular choice for couples who can afford the trip and can take enough time off work.
  • Canoe and rafting trips through scenic caverns and canyons are a great day activity for couples who vacation in some of the most scenic parts of the country.
  • The latest research indicates that U.S. residents logged 1.7 billion trips for leisure purposes in in the year 2015.

  • Statistics show that 79% of domestic trips taken are for leisure purposes.
  • Popular all inclusive spas are a great place for a couples weekend getaway.
  • One thing that is important for a romantic getaway is a well appointed hotel. From room service to onsite pools and restaurants, where you stay is important if you want to make sure that you have a hotel that meets all of your needs.
  • The research from July 2015 to July 2016 indicates that 19% of American adults received at least one massage during that year, according to a 2016 AMTA consumer survey.

If you are looking for THE PERFECT SPOT for a getaway, make sure that you look at affordable locations that are close to your home, as well as more expensive vacations that might take you and your special someone clear across the country. Are you ready to book your trip?