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Botox training for physicians

Aesthetic medical training can mean various things at various times, but the medical aesthetics training offered through this program is Botox training for doctors. Botox has been one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures since its FDA approval for testing in 1978. 2011 saw more than 5.6 million Botox procedures performed in the United States, and in the past year there have been three million Botox procedures for cosmetic purposes. The amount of men receiving Botox injections for cosmetic purposes has risen more than two hundred percent, contributing to its exceptional popularity. The number of Botox procedures comprise about ten percent of the entire number of all cosmetic surgery procedures estimated to take place in 2015. Aesthetic medical training from this institution is unique because it offers one of the only hands on Botox training for physicians programs. This particular method of aesthetic medical training is significantly more successful because it allows the professional to become acclimated to working with patients, develop their bedside manner, and get a feel for the procedure itself. The majority of professionals who attend this institution for their training in Botox procedures choose it because of the hands on experience that they get.