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The majority of people experience a straightforward recovery after having colon resection surgery. Being aware of what to anticipate will assist you in returning to your typical activities in a timely and safe manner. The video starts with Alex Ky-Miyasaka, MD, stating that recovery from colon resection surgery is primarily determined by the extent of the surgery itself. A patient typically stays in the hospital for three to five days after the surgery. The main purpose of the hospital stay is to ensure a patient can pass gas.

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Once a patient successfully passes gas, their discharge papers will start being processed. After getting home, doctors recommend that patients avoid lifting heavy items for at least six to eight weeks. On the other hand, light activities like walking can actually help with recovery, but remember to ease into it.
If you are having trouble with your colon, make sure to consult a colon treatment service like ours as soon as possible. The earlier any potential problems are detected, the more effective the efforts to address them will be.