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Substance abuse is a problem around the world. In the United States, when you remove tobacco products, you are left with more than 20 million people with a problem with some substance or another. In 2011, drugs sent over five million people to emergency rooms around the country. At least 2.6 million people who suffer from an addiction use both illicit substances and alcohol. More and more of these people are turning to ibogaine treatment to help them deal with their substance abuse. If you are planning a trip to an ibogaine treatment center, there are things you can do to make the most of the experience.

  1. Before you go, start eating better. One issue that often accompanies alcohol and drug abuse is poor nutrition. Many people who abuse drugs and/or alcohol do not eat well. Some do not even eat at all. While there is no one kind of food you should consume prior to going to the ibogaine addiction treatment facility but eating healthier foods before you get to the center and while you are undergoing your treatment will put your body in a better position to handle the process. The ibogaine drug treatment can be hard on your body and good nutrition is essential to the process.
  2. Wear clothes that are comfortable. This is not a fashion show, it is a drug treatment experience. While you detox from the chemicals that have been hurting your body, it may be harder to regulate your temperature. Many people find that dressing in layers is very helpful for many people who are undergoing ibogaine drug treatment. Wearing lose fitting clothing, such as what you might wear to yoga, that moves with your body naturally can help you deal with the process. Shoes that can be slipped on and off without much work will make things better as well. That may seem like a small thing but you will appreciate this step when you are making your way through the ibogaine drug treatment program.
  3. Try to remain positive. The drug treatment experience is pretty much different for everyone but one thing that everyone will experience is some unpleasantness. It is not at all unusual to have good days and bad days. Even within a day, you may have good and bad hours. Know that the bad feelings will pass. Try to keep your brain focused on your end goal and remember the good things about getting and staying sober, it will help make the process easier and more tolerable.
  4. Give yourself a break. It is really easy to fall back on negative feelings about yourself. You are doing the right thing for yourself and your family by seeking out ibogaine drug treatment for your substance abuse. You may be tempted to beat yourself up but you should try to break that cycle. Focus on yourself and your needs and be good to yourself. This can make the process easier and better.
  5. Focus on your treatment, not travel. Ibogaine is not legal in the United States. As a consequence, people who want to go for ibogaine drug treatment have to go to some fairly exotic places. When people plan their stay at an ibogaine drug treatment center, they often plan some tourist travel around the clinic stay. That is fine but when you are planning your trip, you need to plan that for after your drug treatment is over. You also should not spend your time at the center thinking about and planning your post-treatment tourism. Let someone else deal with that. You need to focus on getting better before you can focus on seeing the sights.
  6. Find the right facility. Before you book your space at an ibogaine drug treatment center, you should do your research into the facility. Do not base your decision on the location and what sights you want to see when you are done with the program. Focus on the programs that are offered by the facility and its general philosophy. That is the most important part of your planning process.

Many people find success with the ibogaine drug treatment program. These tips will help you get the most from yours.