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Being overweight is a struggle that you can only understand if you have been through it. Especially if you are at the point where you are considering medical weight loss programs. This means you have probably tried almost every diet and exercise program know to man. If you’ve already been the HCG diet meal plan and the Beach Body plan and Weight Watchers and really stuck to them but had unsuccessful results, it can feel really hopeless. Weight can tend to consume our minds and affect every part of our lives, making it almost impossible to really enjoy anything. It makes us lethargic and depressed and insecure. It’s easy to feel like everyone is judging you wherever you go, even if no one is. If you are at this point, there are some medical weight loss solutions that you might want to look into and talk to your weight loss doctor about and find out if this is something that you might qualify for. Let’s look over a few of the options.

Lipotherme Laser Liposuction
Lipotherme laser liposuction is done by using a fiber laser that gets inserted into the body after making a very small incision. The laser heats up fat tissues and dissolves it making the removal process of that fat or adipose tissue a lot easier than regular liposuction. The healing time for lipotherme laser liposuction is a lot less than tradition liposuction; a day or two is all you’ll need. You may experience some swelling and pain after the procedure but this usually goes away pretty quickly. With lipotherme laser liposuction you can pick the areas of the body that you want to have the laser break up the fat cells. This procedure is approved by the FDA which says a lot about the treatment.The price of this treatment has a few variables from what body part you want treated, to where you are receiving treatment and the physician that is doing it. Typically it can be anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000.

Lap Band Surgery
Getting a lap band will reduce the amount that your stomach can handle and restricts the amount of food you can keep in there. This means you’ll get full faster and for a longer period of time. It’s a great way to gradually lose weight and be able to keep it off forever. The procedure is done by inserting a tiny camera inside your body through several tiny incisions in your abdomen. The band is wrapped around your stomach with the use of long instruments that are inserted through the incisions. This is typically an outpatient surgery and takes only about a week to fully recover and be able to return to life as normal. You will be placed on a strict diet after undergoing to the surgery in order to ensure that it is successful. It is possible to stretch or break the lap band if you insist of eating more than the band can handle.

Gastric Bypass Surgery
For this procedure, the stomach is divided into an upper and lower pouch and the small intestine is connected to both areas. There are several ways that this can be done, it just depends on the preference of the surgeon. The goal of a gastric bypass surgery is reduce the volume of the stomach and change the response to food. This type of surgery is typically only done on people who’s body mass index is above 40, if someone has or is at risk for type two diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea or other weight related conditions. Gastric bypass has decreased in popularity in recent years because of the complications that accompany some of the procedures. About 15% of patients have experienced these complications because of the surgery and even 0.5% have died within the following six months because of them.

If you find yourself interested in one of these treatments then talk with you doctor and see if they might be an option. If you really have tried other methods of weight loss and have not seen the results that you want to, your doctor will most likely be open to having a discussion about weight loss surgery options for you.