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It’s important to do everything possible to live a healthy life. One of the benefits of remaining physically active is having a healthy cardiovascular system. This system runs throughout much of your body. That being said, individuals not making healthy choices could be at a much higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. However, there are multiples of these diseases that can occur. With that in mind, here are three common types of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Heart Disease

    Statistics show that heart disease is the leading cause of death throughout the United States, killing nearly 610,000 people annually. Heart disease occurs as plaque builds up throughout the body. It’s best to visit a heart hospital to find out more about where plaque resides in your body. In turn, you might need heart surgery in order to take care of excess plaque. There is also a condition known as rheumatic heart disease. That being said, rheumatic heart disease isn’t often seen in North America. Since this condition is commonly transmitted from bacterial infections, it’s often more of a problem for those living in poorer countries.
  • Heart Failure

    In severe cases, heart disease can lead to this muscle completely failing to work properly. This is otherwise known as heart failure. That being said, heart failure can occur due to multiple situations. Heart failure primarily takes places as the result of a heart attack. In the United States, someone suffers from a heart attack every 34 seconds. Direct damage to the heart itself can also cause it to fail. If someone is experiencing heart failure, it’s imperative that they seek emergency medical treatment.
  • Stroke

    It’s important to note that not all cardiovascular conditions have to do with the heart. If plaque builds up around vessels leading to the brain, it can cause a blockage to occur. In the event that you’re dealing with severe blockage, it often leads to a stroke. If you’ve recently had a stroke, it’s important to visit a cardiologist. Regularly visiting a cardiovascular center helps to reduce your chance of having future strokes.

To summarize, there are several common types of cardiovascular diseases. Many individuals experiencing these types of problems visit cardiovascular centers. These centers often provide specialized treatment including heart services. Cardiovascular centers employ professionals that will help provide you with the proper care to begin treating your medical issues.